Fresh Cake

I suspected this one would win…

Oh my! Her muffin is showing. This should be rated CC-17, no cupcakes under 17 admitted.

C’mon, Woot-- where’s the NSFW warning?

Tasty pasties… I mean pastries :slight_smile:

I am shocked and amazed…the voters actually voted for an awesome and deserving shirt! Will wonders never cease?

Congrats, Walmazan!

I’ve been laughing like a little girl for 2 minutes. This shirt is too funny and cute.

No. I told myself I would not buy any shirts this weekend because I hated the theme… but I love this shirt… Darnit woot. We’ll see which side wins in the morning.

Naked cupcakes FTW Mr. Walz!

Big congrats, I’m see pleased to see this not only place, but place first.

Reminds me of the Muffin Top episode on Seinfeld:

So, cute. Can’t wait to wear this on campus. This is also my first olive shirt…eva’!

I’m not sure the cupcake thought this through.
It’s obviously more vulnerable to predators.

I just want to pull out the camera for the embarrassing home videos that I can show to all her friends in fifteen years.

this is actually one muffin top I don’t mind to look at!

Someone call 1-900-HOT-CAKE and see if it’s an actual number.

I love seeing the best shirt of the week grab first place. Awesome work, Walmazan!

Sweet tooth problem solved with a “flash” of irony. YES!!!

Well, we know what I’ll be wearing all the time now

And to think some bakery in Texas actually owns the domain name and just has it parked with godaddy…

Great design! Congrats!