Fresh Step Scented Crystals Premium Cat Litter

Fresh Step Scented Crystals Premium Cat Litter

Hate to say, but Walmart got this beat, same stuff 20 cents cheaper.
But to get free shipping (sorry, Amazon Prime members) you would need to buy 3 bags (or another $23 of other stuff).
So, this is a great price if you don’t have a Walmart nearby, or don’t want to spend another $23 to get this brought to you

Shipping heavy things like cat litter is always an issue…
Woot or Amazon should start a service where the customer can buy 40 pounds of cat litter and then woot/amazon will include like 2 pounds of cat litter per package for every order. That way, the shipping cost is absorbed by other orders and they can eventually send the 40 pounds of litter by piggy-backing off of other orders.
Some kind of subscription service, where you pay upfront to always have a small amount of “free” litter included with your packages.

You get packages every day don’t you?

Or you’ve never had a cat. Two pounds of litter a day? That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

It’s like buying toilet paper but only getting a standard envelope full of the stuff everyday to save on a bulky item shipping cost. How much would that even be? A yard of toilet paper a day? You’d better to learn to use both sides.

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Most every day, yes. I could potentially get 14-28 pounds of “free” litter each week depending on the number of packages. I currently do a subscribe ‘n’ save order for litter. (I think it’s 40 pounds) That bag lasts us about a month.

You might have to order a full 40 pound bag to get started, but then your small amount of litter accumulated over the month will get you fully-stocked for the following month. Maybe signing up for the subscription would include a full-sized bag to get you started.

So instead of lugging one 40lb bag to my porch every 30 days you really think my mail person would prefer to go up my steps 20 times a month with 2lbs of litter. Just get it over with and do it once a month. Then it comes in the mail truck and they don’t have to carry it around blocks and blocks. Also, it’s going to leak. Or it will get wet.

If a person is getting the packages anyway, I don’t think the extra 2 pounds would make much difference to the mail person. Same number of packages, only slightly heavier. In fact, they would probably find this easier than hauling a 40 pound box because the weight is distributed out so you don’t have a really heavy item. The “free” litter box/bag would be included INSIDE the existing package. There is almost always extra room in the packages I receive. There might be a few rare cases of the litter leaking inside the box, but this would be true for the 40 pound bag too.

Besides, the mail carrier experience is inconsequential. The point of the program is to make shipping cat litter cheaper for both the supplier and consumer.

Edit: this program may not be for everyone. You don’t HAVE to sign up. You can still overpay for your shipped bulk litter.

I go to the store in my pajama jeans and get my litter the old fashioned way.

Besides I don’t want my mail carrier carrying litter for 30 people a day in small increments. Let the one with the mail truck drop that stuff off. I’d like to get my mail before it’s dark outside.

So let’s say you order some Woot cheese. It comes wrapped in plastic inside a box. Do they just dump two pounds of litter in there all loose around your cheese? Or are we going to add more packing to the landfill and have them put it in a little bag?

That’s for logistics to figure out. I’m just the idea man.

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@pepper114 has had high attitude levels this week.

Uh huh. Well hope that works out for you.

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Will, I’m always like this.

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Price is now $12.99!!

if you already purchased, we’ll be refunding that money soonish.

I’m not sure what all that back and forth was about- this bag only weighs 8 lbs.
Anyway, I asked my cat about this stuff, and he said it was his number two choice. I’m not sure what he meant by that.

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