FRESHeTECH Portico Solar Sound

Is this water proof?


sound quality?

Thanks misterphatty

Good questions! From the vendor:

Dimensions are 12"x12"x30" … weighs 23 lbs

It’s water-resistant, (IPX4) will be fine in the rain/outdoor environments. I wouldn’t see how it plays at the bottom of your pool though.

Sound quality is awesome. The the CSR Bluetooth 4.0 is a TOP NOTCH bluetooth chip and subwoofers/speaker system are high quality as well.

Is the top durable enough to place my drinks on top?

Or is that why there is the middle level?

Are the lower panels wood or composite?

My deck can get quite windy. How stable are these?

Per the vendor:
The top is plenty durable enough for drinks. They can be placed on the mid-level as well.

Portico is very stable and approx 22 lbs, I’ve never seen one tip over from wind.

Panels are composite.

Can you use several speakers off on source?

Does this have a aux in? I have a projector that does not have bluetooth.

I contacted their tech support and they said it has an aux in port.

With the aux in, you can use Chrome Audio devices to have more than one unit play the same music.