Freshwater Pearl Endless Necklaces

what is the combination of necklaces the model is wearing?

402 and 403-MULTI based upon the fact that only those have the model picture on the items.

Who is the model? Need to know…for…uh…nice necklaces!

I bought the PN403-GREEN Freshwater Pearl Endless 64" Necklace as a birthday gift for my Mom. Good thing I bought 2 because if I had just bought 1, Mom would be getting a different gift. These freshwater pearls are beautiful! Love the flat coin shape because they wear nicely without creating bulk. Complements any skin tone. Striking when arranged as a triple strand.

They sold out. I can see why!

Bwa ha ha… same necklace only 36" long instead of the 64" necklace sold on woot available for $130 plus shipping:

I paid $39.99 plus $5 shipping for the 64" version on woot. The pearls are beautiful!