Freshwater Pearls

It’s nice to see Woot offering this variety of lengths. Too often I see deals on pears where the necklace is only 15" long–just enough to choke a lot of women.

The 64" length is especially fun, as it can be doubled up with the lengths the same or varied, either by putting them over the head or by connecting them with a special clasp. Here’s a page with lots of fun ideas.

Anywhere we can find information on the quality of these pearls? (e.g. the A - rating on them).

Why is the 48" pink necklace more than the 64" pink necklace?

Hi, buyer here. The 48" has bigger-sized pearls at 10-11mm while the 64" one has 7-8mm - sized pearls. Hope that helps!

Hey, buyer here. We played with the samples and they felt heavy and sturdy to me!

colour me stupid, I’m curious why this isn’t in “accessories and watches”? I can understand some things can be indefinable but necklaces are clearly accessories. (same with the handbags).

I just wanted to know, is all.

Do you think the 48" is enough to wrap around 3 times - so there are 3 rows in the necklace. Do you have experience with that? Or would it only work with 64"?

48 / 3 = 16. How big is your neck?

It doesn’t look like the 48" strands have a clasp. So, the bigger question is, can it fit over your head if wrapped 3 times?

think of great-tasting original Woot as “the best of the best” when it comes to our offers. it’s where we spotlight our top deals from any site.

does that answer your question? hopefully that made sense.

Hm, I will have to do some measuring. Thanks

How did they look in real life? (No, I would not be expecting Mikomoto quality cultured pearls at these prices.)

If you plan to put them over your head, the 48" might not go 3 times since you’ll need extra length to fit it over. But you could buy a special thing–sorry, I can’t recall what it’s called–but it’s usually oval and opens with a hinge and clicks closed. It’s used to join longer pearl strands which have been “folded” so they can go around your neck without putting them over your head. Some are decorative and can be worn with the joining visible in front at the bottom or side.

I actually liked them especially the pink mix and multi color ones. I was able to wrap them 2-3x around my neck and also tried knotting the ends. It reminded me that a plain top can look dressy with pearls :wink:

hey woot… can you explain to me why the Sevil PN201 Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Earring Set w/ 14K Gold set lists a bracelet in the specs section? it isnt in the pic, it isnt in the title, and it isnt listed as being in the box… so is there a mystery bracelet or what?


You are right. There is NO bracelet in the set. That part of the specs was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

Pearls have quality rating that give us info on the surface quality (is it smooth or not), luster, number of blemishes, and shape. The answer you gave was not helpful. The information in the specs is abysmal.

I didn’t know much about pearls, so I went looking. If, like me, you know little about pearls, here are some links I found.

Freshwater vs saltwater

For wearing pearls

For taking care of pearls
Also, more detailed. . .

Most of these links came from the Charminar Pearls site. I have no connection with them; they just seem to have the most informative blogs.

About both the 48-inch “mostly pink” and the 64-inch grey and peacock strands …

Are these pearls mostly round and uniformly so? The enlarged picture of the 48" “mostly pink” strand makes it look as if most of the pearls have flat sides as opposed to being round. Similarly, the enlarged picture of the grey and peacock strands seems to show pearls that are not smooth and round.

Are these enlarged photos accurate or just an artifact of the picture/lighting? Thanks.