Friendly Forest

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Help promote this shirt! For those with overnight delivery, let the rest of the universe.woot know how wonderful this shirt printed! Click here and post a picture!**

don’t get it

Oh God. I want one so bad. But my husband will kill me seeing as I’ve purchased 5 shirts this week…

I’ll look at it again in the morning.

The shirt looks very cute…

Grats Diego !!! hmm now I’m on the fence… do I buy a squirrel shirt or not??? Great design style, though!

Thanks for saving me money Woot! I’ve spent too much here lately. Not my style, but, congrats on the print.

This may very well be another sibling woot… congratulations on the print.

So sweet it’s giving me type 2 diabetes. Have to pass on this one.

Very cute design. I like the non-traditional placement for this one. Congratulations on the daily print. Just might have to get one of these!

Are those blue spots beneath the birds poo?

more birds… birdshirt.woot! no thanks

Congrats on the print, Diego. I think the text is a bit unnecessary but I really like the art style!

woot why do you torment me?!?! why have all nice shirts in all the same week and have mediocre shirts like in 3 weeks straight. i just bought a bunch of shirt this week and another cute one came out??!

sigh i’ll go flip a coin or something

I busted up once I got to the mescaline.

I love cute animal shirts, got one!

this is adorable. in for one.

Congratulations! This is one of the first dailies I’ve been interested in in ages. Lovely colour scheme.
Bought one.

Stop the superfluous text. Not my style anyway, but the text just is unnecessary.

Of course you do eHalcyon. :slight_smile: