Friendly Forest

This is an awesome looking shirt and I love squirrels but I am one of those who rains on the cream color shirt parade. The color just washes me out and doesn’t look very good on me. Too bad because it’s a fun shirt and while cream does look to be the most fitting for this design, I can’t pull it off. Congrats to the artist, this shirt is great and I hope to catch a Wooter wearing one. :slight_smile:

I love the chubby bunny.

Love everything about this shirt. The cartoon style, the text bubbles, the placement of the design. Of all of the shirts I’ve ordered from shirt.woot, this is by far the best design I’ve seen. A+.

it seems amazing kids Tee… I wish they had kids sizes…

I agree. It’s a great kids’ shirt.

Ahh, this is really cute…but I think I would look terrible in that color…I think I’ll sleep on it…

Tempted to pick this one up. lol :>

i have seriously bought so many shirts from you lately woot… and now antoher cute shirt? im gonna have to pass but i jsut hope i dont regret it… love the artwork… dang

Holy crap, I am a sucker for anything with cute buck toothed squirrels on it.
In for one.

I dunno about the no-texters, but I’m a big fan of the random talk bubbles. I personally would not have bought this if the words weren’t there. shrug Personal preference.

buy women’s small and medium for kids. I do that for my nephews all the time. on a 3yr old, WS is long like a shirt dress but they’ll grow into it.

I’d get this if this was in white…

I plan on throwing on my black hoodie with pink trim over this shirt. Throw on a pair of black jeans and some bright shoes and I’ll be rad.

This is the first one I’ve considered getting in a long time but I’m not entirely sure if I could pull it off. I’ve been wanting a cream shirt, too.

Still deciding, but there’s a good chance I’ll cave.

I’m really on the fence with cream, but I think I will go over to the buy side :slight_smile:

Thanks I will pick one then :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with a chick shirt? Not all of us like having garish vomit on our shirt, like most of the picks this week.

Hm… I’ll think about it. Congrats on the print none the less.

Thank God the speech bubbles killed it for me. I’ve been trying to cut back. :smiley: