Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower


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Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower
From our oddly mismatched seasonal offerings department
$179.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Mowing has never been so easy. The The Robmower RL500 is a fully-robotic lawnmower that mows your grass so you don’t have to. It’s convenient, safe, and simple. Easy operation allows use by virtually anyone and can be used in almost any garden and lawn environment.

Simply put the mower in the yard and press ‘‘go.’’ It mows. You don’t. It is convenient and allows you to mow the lawn when you want without the hassle of scheduling lawn services or taking time away from family activities. It’'s safe. Less human contact and interaction reduces the chances of serious injury associated with power equipment. Easy to install and environmentally friendly. It can save you up to 50 hours a year! That’s a lot of free time you can spend as quality time with your family, on vacation, or doing whatever you really like to do (ie… waiting up for woot)

Features: BladeStop - Lift detection stops blades in less than 1 sec

QuickSense - 360º touch sensor bumpers for safety and navigation

IntelliMow - Advanced software with a user selected dual navigation system

PowerSmart - Energy management system monitors the power system


5 HP equivalent cutting system

Durable rust-free mowing deck and housing

Manual Controller with LCD display for easy driving

Low maintenance, long-life design

Self-diagnostic program

Dedicated mulching, no bagging or raking

Cut size: 21” width; .75 – 3” height

Height of Cut: Adjustable 6 settings at the front and 3 settings at the rear

Drive Power - Two independent, geared wheel drive motors

Ground Speed: Approximately 20” per second

Battery Pack Power - 24-volt system (maintenance-free)

Charging Time - 18-24 hours

Operating Time - 4 Hours on average

Lawn Size - Recommended for lawn up to 6,000 square Feet or 1/2 Acre

Noise Level - 85DB

Condition: New, retail boxed

Warranty: 90 day distibutor

Ship weight: 100lbs

Note: These are brand new factory sealed units that have been warehoused for over two years due to a bankruptcy landlord seizure from a past Friendly Robotics distributor. Due to strategy of the current distributor, they will attempt to avoid the implied end user warranty of these units (feel free to check with them). Therefore, these specific units are backed with a 90 day distributor warranty by Surplus Technolgoy who has performed adaquately for woot buyers in the past. Please complete your warranty card upon receipt. Please note before purchase – return freight, though seldom necessary, is your responsibility.

Woot recommends purchasing an additional RL500 battery for ease of charging and due to the age of the existing battery – Surplus Technology has over 700 fully tested new batteries (and all other parts) in stock at the time of this sale. Please check with them for details.


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