Friendly Robotics Robomower RL500


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Sweet deal! Think about all the more Woot stuff you can buy by saving so much on this one!!!

This is awesome… now if I can only think of a way to get it to mow 2 acres :twisted: Or maybe I’ll just get 3 and play battlebots!!! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


l/\| 3 |/\| 7


[color=green:e347d9ff26]Can’t even think where I’d use one of these.[/color]


hmmm wonder if it actually works, unlike those other cleaning robots, bastards


Friendly Robotics Robomower RL500
The Rise of the Machines (into Landscaping Professions)
$179.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Herald of the Terminators, the Robomower RL500 crawls over your lawn like a worker ant, paring back the living grass, making our world more suitable for the robot masters that will ultimately enslave us.

Yard by verdant yard, that which was once free, organic and wild is brought to heel under the RL500’s durable, rust-free mowing deck. After your formerly luxuriant lawn is tamed, how long will it be before the Robomower turns its quintuple horsepower equivalent cutting system on you?

(If the Robmower RL500 rises up against you or any member of your puny human community in less than 90 days, subdue it and return it—it’s still under warranty.)


* BladeStop lift detection stops blades in less than 1 second
* QuickSense 360º touch sensor bumpers for safety and navigation
* IntelliMow advanced software with a user selected dual navigation system
* PowerSmart energy management system monitors the power system
* InclinedPlane technology for severing grass blades


* 5 HP equivalent cutting system
* Durable, rust-free mowing deck and housing
* Manual controller with LCD display for easy driving
* Low maintenance, long-life design
* Self-diagnostic program
* Dedicated mulching, no bagging or raking
* Cut size: 21” width; .75 – 3” height
* Cutting height is adjustable, with six settings at the front and three settings at the rear
* Drive Power: Two independent, geared wheel drive motors
* Ground Speed: Approximately 20” per second
* Battery Pack Power – 24-volt system (maintenance-free)
* Charging Time – 18-24 hours
* Operating Time – 4 Hours on average
* Recommended for lawns up to 6,000 square feet or 1/2 acre
* Noise Level – 85DB
* Condition: New, retail boxed
* Warranty: 90 day distributor
* Shipping Weight: 100lbs

NOTE: These units are backed with a 90-day distributor warranty by Surplus Technology (who have performed adaquately for Woot buyers in the past). Please complete your warranty card upon receipt, and note that return freight, though seldom necessary, will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Woot recommends purchasing an additional RL500 battery for ease of charging (and due to the age of the existing battery). Surplus Technology has over 700 fully tested new batteries in stock at the time of this sale, as well as all the other replacement parts you might ever need. Please check with them for details.




no thanks…


I want a hot girl to mow my lawn, not a robot…


BOC , Please…


[b]Nice Day for a Mow…

I love My Blue Heaven…

This looks like a good mower, but having to get a battery could make it not so good.

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Hey Wally!!! GO ATL!!!


I wonder if this will cut down the 3 months worth of grass in the backyard. Hmmm…
I just ordered me an “alarm clock for the hearing impaired.” No I do not have a hearing problem, I just hate getting up, it comes with a strobe light a bed shaker and ur mom


Thankfully, I object to the senseless destruction of harmless grass and can save my money for another Woot.






lol . . . battlebots… that would be awsome :lol:


wow this is cool


Page one? Woot is this? Dont need one. Hi pop!


If you have a small yard and you are lazy it is perfect for you!!!