“Keep your enemies (or anemones) closer.” There is no “but” in the second sentence.

Yay! Thanks for the print woot- been too long since I’ve swam upon the front page shoals.

Sorry in advance for the pun…

Tell that to Michael Corleone- :wink: [youtube=DfHJDLoGInM][/youtube]

This is great, oakey!

Hey…Long time no see! I’ve been wondering where you were. Have you been too busy to go a-Derbyin’?

Congrats on the funny print! :slight_smile:

With fronds like these who needs anemones?


Thanks guys! :smiley:

Glad there’s someone else with the pollocks to pun!

Thanks ace- I’ve been around voting, but have been juggling a lot of other projects so my time has been eaten- Writing a lot, working on a grant, painting some artwork for a public art display- /pant. I’ll be around more in the future- :smiley:

That’s a happy anemones :smiley: