Are those crows, other birds, or butterflies on the right side?

Didn’t notice it earlier in the week - is that a spider tattoo on her arm? It looks like it only has six legs.

Don’t think I’d wear this on a shirt. Kinda along the class of the nude girl mud flaps.

Congratulations, Kasey! It’s lovely!

I never noticed about the legs but yeah it does look like it has only 6 but apparently that didn’t stop me from being the first sucker (first ever!).

I was so very much so looking forward to this shirt.

This shirt broke my shirt.woot hiatus.

I love pin-ups!

Also, congrats. I’ve been waiting for one of your designs to print.

The transition from tattoo to creature for the Dragon/serpent is very awkward. The design on the whole is very well done but that transition there doesn’t feel very natural (bad choice of words, I know)

Great style, but as a girl I have a moral obligation not to wear this shirt…

Grats otherwise!

(I sure liked the robots)

Yes! Wasn’t sure this would make it and am surprised it got 2nd. Really like this shirt; haven’t bought a Woot shirt in a while 'til now. Really love the colors and placement. Woot woot!

Does she converse with the woodland creatures? Will she get her own Disney movie?

It’s curious that every tattoo she has makes the leap from ink to real EXCEPT the star on her right shoulder.

Does that mean stars can’t be evil?

Congrats Kasey, awesome to see you finally get a print man. Mine is on it’s way!

Shouldn’t you be obligated to wear this shirt what with the whole women’s liberation and whatnot?

I don’t understand why you would want to wear a neary-naked woman on your chest.

And I mean on a shirt, not literally, so no dirty jokes.


Looking great man, congratulations on your first print!

Congrats on the print Kasey!

If the shirt said that ^ on it, I’d prolly be in for one. :smiley:

At first I thought the dragon was sneaking a peek, but now I realize he’s just afraid of spiders and freaking out because there’s one on the lady’s arm.