Frigidaire 14-Pc Glass Food Storage Set

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Frigidaire 14-Pc Glass Food Storage Set
Price: $24.99
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Almost a 5-star item on Amazon, though some comments about the lids breaking down.

In for one - not easy to find borosilicate glassware anymore.

Do these products nest to minimize storage space when empty? If so, what is the cupboard footprint when not in use?

The set of glass containers can be nested into two groups. The footprint isn’t huge.

According to this Amazon Vine review, they can be nested into two groups - rectangular & square.

Not sure on dimensions. I don’t see them anywhere on the Interwebs. I’ll see if we can get them.

Apparently the “Pyrex” brand hasn’t been the real deal for nearly 20 years in North America, but the Pyrex stuff sold in Europe is still made of borosilicate glass. At least that’s according to Wikipedia.

Real borosilicate glass shouldn’t have a greenish-blue tint like newer Pyrex has.

This product looks nice and clear.

$25+$5+$2.25 shipping and tax= $32.25
Amazon is $34 prime shipping no tax.

$1.75 savings on woot with ~1 week shipping… wow, lame.

I love my Pyrex and IKEA brand glass storage. After looking at some cheaper sets, though, many of them are not oven-safe. The freedom to bake mini meatloaves or leftover scone batter in one of my glass storage bowls is well worth a few extra bucks to me.

P.S. Round containers are easier to clean than square-shaped ones.

I’m sold. In for two.

  1. Not everyone has Amazon Prime.
  2. I pay sales tax whether it’s here or Amazon.
  3. Not everyone needs their purchase right away.

Oh, and if you’re still undecided/uncertain on borosilicate vs. soda lime glass (e.g., old Pyrex vs. new American Pyrex), here’s my entry from 3 years ago:

Only had them less than two months and the lids are already breaking. Hopefully Woot will replace the lids free of charge!