Frigidaire Pro 12-Cup Coffee Maker

New or Used/refurbished

Good golly! How many of these can they have??? I really love the one I got at least a month ago. It replaced a Krups. No reservations in recommending this. Makes great coffee and the settings are easy to change and features are great! And I bought it on an impulse because it matched my appliances!

I made this picture to help you guys in the future!

Click the I want one button and this window pops up, giving you full stats.

Amazon has this for 63.99. almost 20 4+ star reviews and six reviews under 4 stars. wants nearly $70 PLUS shipping.

BestEmporium (who?) has this for 57.99 and froogle says it ships for free. I’ve never heard of them so I wouldn’t buy from them (especially when woot is 13 dollars cheaper shipped)

It’s like a Woot-Off for me tonight! First the tool kit, now a coffee maker!

Price is right, good set of features for the money, and makes the wife happy :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot!

AND you saved 5 dollars in shipping thanks to the all you can ship policy!

Also, since a lot of people are having trouble finding stuff with the new woot-format Here is the manual.

Here is video explanation of some perks of this product

I’m going to look like a total coffee snob, but I’ve pretty much concluded that there’s no such thing as a consumer-grade auto drip that actually makes good coffee, only ones that make better coffee than other coffee makers in the same class.

So do we get your danish and coffee mug?

Will Woot ship to a different address if I want to send as a gift?


Thanks for that.

I would like this in my kitchen, if only I liked coffee. It’s good looking that’s for sure.

This is basically the same coffee maker I have, and I love mine. Except mine’s a different brand. And looks completely different. But I still love my coffee maker.

I’ve heard some great things about this coffee maker, and Amazon users give it favorable reviews. I’ve been wanting a new, easy coffee maker for a while now, and this seems like a good product for the price! :smiley:

I noticed it yesterday but didn’t say anything, i’m glad to see the cat is back!

Well crap. This would have been a great gift, but I missed it by a few seconds during the Woot-off (they sold out just when I decided to buy it, they only had 200) but now I’ve already purchased an inferior item for the gift I needed.

Now it’s just mocking me.

Best coffee ever. Got this last time it was here and it is perfect in every way. Best thing about it
? It does not drip when pouring the water in or pouring a cup of coffee! Thanks woot for giving others a chance to have one of these beauties.

This is a good one.

My only reservation is the filter for the water reservoir.

Any idea how expensive they are to replace?

In for 1.

I still really enjoy a good cup of drip from a decent machine.
This one might do the job. Maybe.

I remember those old home machines from the 80’s that dripped tepid water right into the middle or the grounds, rapidly followed by insanely hot water which then burned the poop out of the coffee for 20 minutes while it slowly, very slowly filtered through.

I work in a Coffee shop and the only real difference on the commercial drip machines is the size of the ‘shower’ and the rate of flow. Other than that, the commercial machines are seriously simple.

I’ve come to the conclusion that drip coffee is a different drink from espresso.

Even with access to both espresso and drip, I’ll still go for a drip coffee once in a while, and the french press at home is annoying the pants off of me, so I’m going to give this a shot.

Hrm…Do I sound unsure?
bites nails

If only the carafe were insulated stainless… hummmmm