Frigidaire Pro 12-Cup Coffee Maker

In for 1. Great father’s day gift for my coffee guzzling hubby. I researched the filters and turns out they are the same as the Cuisinart ones and you can find them on Amazon. Not bad price for six of them.

I like this coffee maker. It makes hot coffee and is easy to use and it looks really good. A warning for those with low overhead cabinets… it’s TALL and the steam vents are on the top so you need to make sure it will have a place to sit during brewing that won’t cause damage to your cabinets.

We have had this coffee maker for over a month and just love it. Makes really good coffee and is easy to use. A word of explaination: “Strong” coffee setting brews the coffee slowly and will take about 20 minutes for a full pot. The “Regular” coffee setting will brew a pot in a little over 10 minutes.

I can’t speak for this unit, but a different brand of water filters I had to buy for another unit was only a few bucks for a two-pack, and completely optional to use. Again, not sure about this one, but the coffee maker I had still brewed if I took out the filter.

Bought this in the last woot-off. Drinking my first cup of coffee brewed from it this morning. Easy to use and set and makes good coffee!

When pouring the coffee into your coffee cup does it pour correctly or does some spill onto your counter? The coffee pot I have now does not pour correctly and I always get drips on the counter.

I have a Gevalia right now that I’d love to replace. Quite a bit of dripping when pouring the coffee in. The really big annoyance is when you open the lid to remove the coffee (say making two pots in a row) and the water from the lid runs all down the back of the maker. Poor design. Does this one suffer that flaw?

Put a nice plant in it.

If you want good coffee spend your money on a French press and a tea kettle instead.

I bought one of these a previous time it was offered. I LOVE it. I had a very simple three cup machine that had no special features. This is great. The strenghs levels makes my coffee so much stronger just on regular that I use less coffee than I used to.It also makes the coffee so very much hotter. I actually use a lower setting on that too, since it comes out way too hot for me. I am used to one that barely made my coffee warm. The 12 cups is great too. I only use that when I an filling my thermos for work and drinking about five at home before work.Usually I don’t need more than four to six cups max.

You must be referring tio the stainless look Cuisinart! Me too…all over the place. Gotta pour over the sink, rigggght? IDK about this one, but I was just wondering if the one you have is the Cuisinart that evvvrybody has - and is even in TV shows and movies…like “HEY - THERE’S MY COFFEE MAKER!!!” (that drips all over the effin place)

I had to do it, I missed her very much and nothing could fill the void, so she’s back for good. I haven’t named her yet, any thoughts?

Anyone have experience brewing a full pot? Between my boyfriend and I, we kill a full 12 cups every weekday morning, and we also like strong coffee (yes, we have a problem, leave it alone). So when I brew a large basket of grounds, 9 times out of 10, they end up in the coffee itself. I’m debating this, but think I might just have to upgrade to a 14-cup pot to avoid the mess.

Sounds like we need to start a support group - my coffee pot spills more on the counter than in my cup!

We have this exact issue with a replacement pot we bought. I think the trick is to pour VERY slowly but it takes like 3-4 minutes of pouring to get the pot of water into the resevoir. ANNOYING!

For the price this a great coffee maker. Got this about a month ago and it replaced my leaky Krups coffee maker. It makes great coffee and looks very stylish on my counter. I hope it lasts.

Can someone explain how I get Woot to ship this to a friend’s address as a gift. I can’t find any option to only change the ship to option…Thanks

As you’re ordering, look for the “Change shipping and payment” - that should allow you to change the shipping address. If you have any problems, please contact :slight_smile:

Already tried that but it wants to change billing option as well. I certainly don’t want to send a bill for a gift. It would be very helpful if Woot had a simple way to change ship to address like Amazon does. May even increase Woot sales.

So glad you guys found a coffee maker you just freakin’ love…after heaping your scorn on the Jura Capresso earlier in the week. Jeez…

I would not buy another product from WOOT customer service is none existent. You can not call anyone if you have a problem they only do customer service by email and it has been a week since I complained still waiting for someone to call me. Don’t buy anything here!