Frost Boss Beverage Chiller

Check out this other video [youtube=OTDwDc6anyk][/youtube]

Check out this video with the creator of Frost boss [youtube=PXetujvUVyE][/youtube]

How many beers cans this chill on one set of 3 AA batteries? If it is any less than 300 I won’t be able to use it.

No, I want a 1400 watt, peltier instant can/beverage chiller.
Ok, so I just looked.
Found one that does not use ice,
takes about 5-8 minutes to cool, depending on the temp you want.
Still, why buy one of these listed here at woot, when you can get an ice bucket (or any bucket) put ice, and then add salt.
You will get faster results.
But I still think that building a peltier cooler would be awesome.

I’m going to have to start drinking canned beer again instead of bottles

I am predicting a sellout

yeah. in for one. this thing is too cool

I had to check and make sure it wasn’t April 1st. I’m almost wanting to order it just to prove that something this stupid is real.

Whoa, whoa – ice not included? No deal.

Nah Bro, Just get the “cooper cooler” instead :smiley: We’ve had one for about 5 years and it does a pretty good job and will suit your needs perfectly…

Okay…I’ve got a liquid…and plenty of ice…how the Hell could I ever enjoy
an ice-cold beverage?

Hold on! I also have batteries!
NOW what is the answer!?!

Ummm, I’m pretty sure if you covered a can with ice, it would be cooler after 2 mins.

this sounds like something out of “Whose Line is it Anyway”

So after 2 minutes this thing just cools the can and not the liquid inside?

In for two. Super annoying when I have to grab warm beer to take to tailgating. Great idea.

Seems decent but the price is pretty steep compared to the canned only. I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.

Wouldn’t attaching my beer to a cordless drill and throwing it in the cooler achieve about the same effect?

Is this legit? Anyone with a major in Physics can explain how spinning a can in a pile of ice amazingly cools the canned drink in 2 minutes flat?

Exactly what I was thinking. The only good thing I see from this item is that it’s pre-made to fit a can and you’re not interested in using a drill to take the time to modify to put a can on it.