Frost Boss Beverage Chiller

**Item: **Frost Boss Beverage Chiller
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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Long gone are the days when you could simply put the can into a cooler of ice for 10-minutes or so. Oh where have we gone as a beer-drinking society?

Doesn’t come with the ice? What a rip off!

Okay, this is 12.99 on Amazon. So I guess if you plan to make multiple woot purchases today, this might be worth it, but otherwise Amazon is just flat out cheaper. I guess if you aren’t prime and have to get to $25, but still.

Sooooooooooo, you need ICE and BATTERIES and two minutes of time ?

I’m not sure I get it. At first I thought this worked on electric WITHOUT ice.

Why not just put the can IN the ice and wait a couple of extra minutes ?

These are kind of nifty, basically spins the can in one direction (which doesn’t cause foam/carbonation problems) and cools your drink (if it is in ice.)

You can achieve the same thing by slowly twirling or spinning your drink in a cooler with ice or icewater.
ETA: It cools your drink 4-5x faster than just leaving it in ice, which is nice if you are impatient and thirsty.