Frost Cutlery “Richard Childress” 10 Piece Fishing and Small Game Set

Son is 10months… should I get one and throw it on the pile of “future” stuff??? hmmm?

For some reason this item looks both disturbing and creepy.

Holding out for the “Freddie Kruger” set

Frost cutlery? Oh dear, has this become QVC?

This stuff really is koi, I love you Woot, but it’s not woth the $20 after shipping.

I read the title too fast and thought it was a fishing/hunting knife set for little kids.

make SAW VI with this.

How small of game we talkin here?

Like, could I cut up say a small beaver? Sweet.

Also great for that pesky ex-wife!

I agree… All I can think is that if Jeffrey Dahmer was a Wooter…

The Hitchcock movie “Rear Window”… Raymond Burr’s character - Lars Thorwald

The perfect serial killer starter kit! Makes me think of the Dexter fan club.

Hmmm. Frost knives get some pretty good reviws, but who’s Richard Childress?

Looks like a Hannibal starter kit for kids

Dexter could use this.

Why the hell is there a hacksaw in a fish cleaning kit?

… that apparently smells like gasoline?

Frost Cutlery “Richard Childress” 10 Piece Fishing and Small Game Set
$14.99+ $5 shipping

… for a second I thought it read “First cutlery… Children’s 10 piece game set”

and yes… dexter could use this, and at that price he could get 3 of them… maybe he got his set from woot, he does seem to have the same set he discards all the time…

Small game? May come in handy now that Amazon is out of stock on Fresh Whole Rabbits…:

Wonder if it would work on large-small game though…

Some people like to fish alone. For when others invite themselves?

Last name is disturbing Childress