Frost Cutlery “Richard Childress” 10 Piece Fishing and Small Game Set

Did you hear about the asian who couldn’t have any kids?

She was Childress!

Wikipedia sez Richard Childress is a former NASCAR racer.

Wow, two Southern stereotypes in one set!



check out this link
enough said

Stuff to make Dexter salivate… creepy really – specially the gloves, carrying case, hacksaw and the hook gutting knife… creepy name to boot

Add the Kodak 8MP camera on woot and you got some nice photos of your “work” :slight_smile:

does this work on racoon?

That’s for the small (and large) game. Sometimes you gotta get through some big bones.

So where’s the cutting board that’s listed? Is in embedded into the case?

Wow! I didn’t know so many Wooters were vegetarians. If they’re not, where do they think their dinner comes from, the Meat Fairy?

The guy who put up the complaint on the Rip Off report is an idiot. Who in their right mind expects a lifetime guarantee for a $20 knife set?

Who is Richard Childress???

He is a 9-Time NASCAR Champion! He owned Dale Earnhardt’s car!

He is also a noted game hunter, favoring African expiditions.

Man, what an interesting read. I do have to agree with the one guy who said something to the effect of “What do you expect for $20?” He does have a point.

However that link also saved me from buying one of these. Thanks for posting it. Seems this company does suck. Even if it is only $20.

That’s either a really big bunny or a really small dude. I don’t think my 13’ burmese pythnoo could’ve taken that thing in her prime… Looks like something off of a Monty Python set… OK enough thoughts about the rabbit.

Glad I am not the only one that thought this looked like a gift for an up and coming serial killer. WOW.

Cool - the Dexter Morgan “do it at home” kit!

The heck with Freddie Krueger, how about making this a Hannibal Lecter starter set. Now your’re talking creepy…

From Bass Pro Shops:

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, October 30, 2007
By docreilly from Minnesota

“i guess you get what you pay for, i bought this partly because i am a Richard Childress Racing fan. i cannot believe he put his name on this product. the knives are cheap as expected but they will not stay in the case, the first time i opened it half of the knives fell out and will not stay in…would send back but it costs half the price of the product to send it back insured mail as required.”

What do you usually hunt?: Deer
How many times a year do you hunt on average?: 11+

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I get a creepy serial killer vibe from this. Why is the side a pool liner?

You’re still gonna need a hacksaw to get the entire body in a compact car trunk.

not to mention the essential Bottle/Can Opener!

LOL… thats the exact same thing i said when i mailed a pic of it to my friend.

Wow, even though the comments I read were girly they were funny about this set. I wonder why woot deleted so many of them…