Frosted Mini-Wheats, Berry, 16.5oz

Frosted Mini-Wheats, Berry, 16.5oz

“Contains wheat ingredients”

I would hope so!

Just read the reviews. Hope I’m getting the moth-free version!


Yikes, most of the Jan & Feb reviews… OK, now I’m worried… :nauseated_face:

Dang! Sold out.

My Berry Frosted Mini Wheats arrived yesterday, the boxes were full of wormy bug things, both alive & dead, with webs inside. Absolutely Disgusting.
Does Woot typically send bug infested or spoiled food? Last week I received old, inedible pop tarts
This has not been a positive experience. Why would I pay them for food we cannot eat?

Ouch. I don’t work for Woot but I strongly suggest you write to their Customer Service department so they can deal with it. Go to your order history, find the correct order, and then choose “I need help.” Follow the directions from there. You might take some pictures and upload them somewhere like and include the links in your message to them.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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