Fruit of The Loom Boxer Briefs 10-Pack

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Fruit of The Loom Boxer Briefs 10-Pack
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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What does non-working fly mean?

Bought these last time. Seemed to fit differently than other boxer briefs of same brand I’d bought. Also, the patterned pairs were much tighter than the solid colored pairs.

It means you have to pull your pants down to pee.

Don’t be confused, just because these are under the Outdoors category doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear Pants :slight_smile:

No ~5% spandex, no thank you.
They turn into regular boxers after 3 hrs. without it.

This would be a good deal on all/mostly cotton skivvies but, what the heck has happened to the ‘fly’? Almost no one is making them with a (very convenient IMHO) opening in the front. Whassup’ wid dat?

I worry I’d lose these when I take them off in the forest.

I asked that the fly info be noted because it always gets asked.

Have to say I’ve rarely if ever whipped it through the fly. Insanely more convenient to flop out from the top. High quality elastic band on undies > fly.

That was the weirdest comment I’ve ever written.

bought these the last time. the crotch to waist seems to be a bit shorter than im used to. also tends to fall throughout the day where i can feel my plumbers crack creeping out under my pants.

I ordered these last time too.

Way too small.

I put one pair (why are they called a pair of underwear?) and instantly knew they weren’t gonna fit.

So I promptly ordered Nutrisystem after my large pizza was delivered.

Which color set is which?

Sorry. The fashion colors have the bright colors - the second set in the photo gallery.

Comes out the same whether I purchase here or at the store with the addition of shipping and taxes…

Am a prime member but still seeing 5 bucks shipping charge for these, what gives?

Tighty and Whity