Fruit of The Loom Men's Shorts 6-Pack

Fruit of The Loom Men’s Shorts 6-Pack
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I heard these suck…I guess you would expect that from stuff from Loom of the Fruit…JK :wink:

Under In the Box it says this:

In the Box: (1) Fruit of the Loom Men’s 2 Pack Knit Shorts 6-Pack

I think you mean to say this:
In the Box: (1) Fruit of the Loom Men’s 2 POCKET Knit Shorts 6-Pack

It is interesting that in an ad for a SIX pack of shorts you show a picture of EIGHT pair of shorts.

I bought these last time and, all in all, I found them to be a good value. That said, the first pair I wore had one pocket folded over with about 4 stitches sewing the bottom of the pocket to the middle of the pocket. The result was hard on the fingers because it was like someone short-sheeted a bed. I was able to remove the stitches in short order and the pocket was fine, as were the rest of the shorts. They’re a light material which is what I want in hot weather and the elastic in the waistbands are not very strong which means they’re not the least bit constrictive, which I prefer. Though if you don’t adjust the drawstring properly you may find them around your ankles if you drop something heavy into a pocket. I like the way they look, find the length to be just right and find them to be very comfortable. Thus, I’d have been pleased even if they cost more.

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You get six shorts. There are 8 possible colors.

I too bought six of these recently and am very happy. I’m an old guy who rides a recumbent exercise bicycle 12-16 miles (imaginary, I know) every morning. These are ideal for my purpose. They wash up nicely and look acceptable even though mine never leave the house. Hard to beat for the cost and my usage.

picked these up a few weeks ago when they were around. great for lounging around in the warmer months. i’m quite happy with the purchase. i’d get more except i’m sure the 6 i have will give me a few years use.

Do these have built in undies like most exercise shorts?

I’m just at a 38 in the waist. I don’t want shorts that are too baggy, would a Large work?

No lining.


I got these the last time around and I am very satisfied with them. I use them for workouts or for sleeping. Drawstring definitely helps since the material isn’t heavy. The price is good for what you get IMO.

Woman here. I got these a few weeks ago and loved them enough to buy a second set. The pockets are just big enough for my phone and keys, and they’re sturdy enough to stay up without the drawstring feature. They look fine for exercise, outside stuff, whatever. They’re comfortable enough to sleep in. They have POCKETS.

They are basically my new favorite whatever shorts.

I threw out my old pocket-less options after getting the set, and the second set is to ensure I have backups after I wear the first one out. Also, hoping I get some fun colors. I got all the boring ones last time.

Sizing note: I typically find 30" pants tight and 32" pants loose. I got the small size and it fits perfectly.

My order arrived this morning. I received 2 pair of navy and one each of red, heather gray, heather blue and royal blue in size large. I’m happy. :slight_smile: