Fruit of the Loom Pocket Tees 12-Pack

Picture shows an 11-Pack…

It’s just showing the possible colors. You will get 12.

. . . Heaven, I’m in heaven . . .

what weight is the fabric ???

The pictures show some shirts with and without tag labels. So, do they come with or without them?

“Tag free for all day comfort” is what the description says. Not sure which is correct.

Will it truly be a mix of all the colors shown or are some people going to get all the same or even half the same?

In the Specs:

“Note: Colors are random, but no more than 2 of the same color will be included”

I’m a “winter,” can you send me all colors that match me? Awwww…nevermind.

Why do the bottoms of the individual shirts have a different color?

Yes, we want to know if we’re getting all those colors or fewer. A bunch of duplicates makes it a deal breaker.

Zoom in and they don’t.

So when you wear them, tell people to stand really close to you so they only see the one colour. Heh.

The only thing I find the pocket good for is something to clip my headphone cord to.

Any idea what a “stays tucked in” feature is? Alligator clips?

I believe there is a small roll of duct tape included…

Answers to questions:

Weight - 5.2 ounce

Tags – it is an assortment. The colors shown with tags will have tags. The others are tagless.

Stays tucked in means they are long enough to stay tucked in when squatting, bending over, etc. Although we like your ideas of alligator clips and duct tape.

Reinforced pockets? Do people actually use the pockets on a pocket-tee? If so, for what?

iPhone holder, that is until you bend over and it falls out…

Smokes if I am a street tough, pens, phones, small quantities of change, receipts, business cards, firecrackers, screws, small dogs, nails, mice, nuts, and bolts.

Also a place to iron a little cat giving people the middle finger.