Fruitcake: Now Socially Acceptable

I love a good fruitcake.
I can’t stand the cheap ones sold in grocery stores.
Our homemade ones are the best…

Where are these made??

These are made in Beatrice, Nebraska. I was there for work a few times and toured their facility and stocked up. They have excellent fruit cakes, and their sugar-free cakes are the best I’ve ever had.

Can the rum cake take extra rum?

Anything can take extra rum, IMHO.

Glad to see they don’t have the ‘citron’ that all cheap fruitcakes have! Can’t stand citron.

I wish these didn’t have partially hydrogenated oils and sodium benzoate as a preservative. Otherwise, I would get one. They look really delicious and the write up is funny

Yes, I can forgive the sodium benzoate, but not the trans fat and the HFCS in their products. Not buying!

I do however appreciate the reminder to start looking for some fruitcakes from the Trappist monasteries!

Grocery store fruitcake is what’s given fruitcake such a bad reputation all these years. Last year, I found some on clearance ($0.25 each) and picked up a couple to see if they could be salvaged.

Generously soaked one in rum, and the other in brandy. The verdict: Paying a quarter per fruitcake was no solace for all the booze wasted on that project!

Wha?? No no, citron is the BEST tasting of the commercial candied fruits. On the other hand, those sickeningly sweet glaceed cherries (green!?!) - shudder! And candied pineapple = blecchhh!

RE: Blueberry/Walnut cake

Under features it says it serves 16-20; but under specs it says it serves only 5!! So - which is it??? IMHO neither seems right.

The ones made in Corsicana, TX are the BEST!!

The 5 count is for the nutrition information based on the serving size of 1/5 of the cake.

Most people don’t cut slices that large.