Been a wooter since 2006 have bought a few things here and there, but I’m by no means a big spender here. This past June I jumped on a electric scooter deal they had and when it arrived it wouldn’t take a charge, bum deal and they didn’t have any others so all I could do was return it. During that deal they provided a $15 off coupon because it shipped much later than expected.

I took that $15 off coupon and tried to pickup a keyboard for the living room, only to have that order be oversold or something and my order was canceled. As a bonus my $15 off coupon was used up then and I can’t use it again. (Get a message at checkout that the coupon is no longer available, it was supposed to be good until the end of this year)

Fast forward to yesterday and I saw some Viewsonic Projector deals land at 1AM CST, and they had the model I’ve had my eyes on. WOOT!!! In my excitement I accidentally ordered the wrong model (Ordered the PX747 instead of the PX727 I wanted), so I went to cancel the first order and found that there was no way to cancel it only the option to return it so I started that process and sent them a message saying I wanted to cancel it.

After the cancellation was handled I went and ordered the correct projector on another order and everything looked good. I saw the charge hit my CC and I figured it was all good so I went to bed. Wake up the next AM to find that my order status was now ‘Denied’ and my CC showed the charge from Woot along with a refund that must have come through while I was sleeping. Also the order I tried to cancel for the PX747 shows ‘Preparing for shipment’.

I figured they mixed up the cancellation request so I reached out to support to ask them if they could clarify what was happening. They told me either their internal security protocols stopped the order or my CC declined the charge. So I responded with a screenshot of my CC account showing the charge and refund on it along with the available credit which showed there was no reason for it to be denied. On top of that my CC sends an email if it’s declined or if there’s a refund from a merchant, I had a refund email but no declined notifications.

In response I got exactly the same response I did the first time, looked like it was copy and paste with no offering of a resolution beyond ‘If it’s still in stock you can create a new order’. By the time I saw my order was denied, they were sold out. Still kind of curious if the order for the PX747 will end up shipping, most likely it will since that’s something I didn’t want and that seems to be my Woot luck lately.

Just really frustrated with it all as I end up wasting time chasing a deal only to be left empty handed. I would have thought with the association with Amazon would have made CS a bit better and give them more options to help customers out, but I guess I’m too hopeful. Amazon has a refurb PX727 for sale as well and it would have been nice if they could have helped work something out there or even given me any other option then “tough cookies bro.”

Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response. Let me check in with CS.