Won a BOC from the app game today. Then my phone crashed before checkout… upon opening the app I couldn’t buy the BOC because the game said I already checked today. Is there a way to buy this? Thank you.

I think we both know the reply on this one.

I don’t understand :frowning:

I’m a sad monkey!

If it were me writing the app or game any link would be a unique one time generated event.

External circumstances like a phone crash, battery loss, dropping, or so on that would be uncontrollable outside factors that, while unfortunate, is outside of the control of the developer and that one time link is lost to the ether.

That being said, that is just how I would do it. Ain’t claiming that’s how it is done and I’m not the king of woot.

Check your inbox


You’re good people.

(Don’t tell anyone I wrote that.)


I love you!

This is why I recommend everyone to woot! and will continue to do so!