I’m repeatedly getting logged out of the app. Every time I want to make a purchase, it tells me to log in, so I do so through amazon (and checked the keep me logged in box). However, it doesn’t ever keep me logged in. The next time (within minutes of each other) the same thing happens. This has been happening since the birthday week celebration. This is no laughing matter when it comes to a woot-off.

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My personal theory is that the log-outs are by-design during a Woot Off, just to slow down the traffic and ease the burden on the servers.

Unless I get lucky I’ve noticed that it’s easier later in the day cuz most already got theirs…don’t stop trying tho!

You’ll have a better chance of getting a bag of crap on Saturdays by playing the app game. The Saturday after a woot off is usually pretty good.

The log in / log out thing stinks but I think most people have that. I’m sure it’ll get fixed.*

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Amazon login timeouts are controlled by Amazon. They own that code. It’s for security reasons.

Woot login tends to hold longer, I believe.

If I log in through woot instead of amazon, will you guys still recognize that I qualify for free shipping?

So say, Ms. TT, I log in through Woot instead, is there a slightly higher chance to not have to relog in and not get sent immediately to VOP?

BOCs are $9.99 with free shipping for everyone. We wanted to level the playing field on them.

From listening to customers, you don’t have to log in as often but you’ll still likely go straight to VOP. Only about 10% of the orders go straight through. Everyone else gets put into the queue. This keeps our servers from gagging.

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Same thing happening to me


I just successfully got a BOC in my cart. The log-in thing happened AGAIN. it was sold out before I could get through log-in.


Some customers log out when an item is about to sell out and then log back in.

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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Any more tricks you may want to disclose?

Amazon/woot are very serious about protecting your account security. If they make it so you can barely use the app, a scammer will have no chance!


In addition to the constant login that I’m used to, I’m getting a lot of server errors when logging back in. Wether it’s to buy something or post something. I even got one in the VOP and then was immediately returned to VOP. Very strange.

Nah. That’s completely normal during a woot-off.

Well, I’m sad to say I struck out today on scoring a BOC…BIG surprise. I can’t stand myself for how much I am disappointed by this.

I gave up yesterday after even just trying to buy regular stuff not even woot off stuff. I’m either about to give up on woot or maybe it’s just some divine intervention way of saying not to spend any money. I spent a good 3 hours yesterday constantly refreshing trying to get my boc and even with a new phone and it being super fast everywhere else I kept getting stuck in the vop. Every time I’ve gone to buy something this week it has not worked out. My bank account is happy though…lol

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I have done the same. Additionally, when I play the game of the day and check for prizes, I consistently get offered shirts that say “I’m never shopping at woot again.” It’s almost like the app is discriminating and refusing my money. FML.

Yep… happened to me several time!!! Keep sending them email, they will credit and eventually… it will get fixed!
So frustrating!!!