Fry Pan Sets-Your Choice

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Fry Pan Sets-Your Choice
Price: $19.99 - 54.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
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Poking around Amazon, it looks like the 12" Cuisinart pan is $42 minimum, and as much as $52, just by itself. That makes the 3-piece set a pretty good deal (assuming you don’t need lids, which I don’t; have plenty leftover from previous sets.)

NONE of these are induction friendly. :frowning:

Any of these sets work with an induction cooktop? Just wondering. Most of my cookware is useless now…

lol - wow

The $52 12" Cuisinart pan you are referring to is the stainless steel non-stick version. The one selling here is a Hard-Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch Open Skillet, selling for $36.

Dido this question. Especially the 4 piece set.

Links to amazon:

T-fal, $35

Cuisinart pans are more difficult

For the 4 piece set closest I could find was the same set without lids for $42

The 3 piece anodized, here is the same set on amazon from woot ($110)

And the page for the individual pans from amazon ($117 total)

I bought the 4pc Cuisinart set last fall when they were listed by themselves (and were $42 for the pair of skillets w/lids). They are excellent skillets, very well made with a nice heft. The non-stick surface is really nice. The included care booklet says they will work with induction cooking surfaces (since the skillets are primarily stainless steel, that makes sense). They have an aluminum core in the bottom to absorb and spread the heat evenly, but the outer surface is all stainless steel.

Maybe he figured you don’t have to be friendly to work together.

I bought the red T-Fal set in Feb and am happy with it. Apart from the nonstick cooking, I like that it’s not super-heavy. I used to cook with cast iron and this is better on my wrists without being at all flimsy. I ignore the ‘heat indicator spot’ which seems useless. But I recommend the pans, for sure.

I’ve been looking at this too long, but I think this is the 4pc Cuisinart set. Great reviews and compared to the other dozen makes/models I have looked at, you don’t see the barbell curve on the reviews where people love it for the first month, but give it one star after that. I’m in.