Frypans, Saucepans, Stockpots, & More

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I hate to be the one, but I have to ask: do you know the muffin pan, the muffin pan, the muffin pan?

I bought the stainless steel KitchenAid tea kettle when Woot offered it just a few weeks ago. I am an avid iced tea drinker so I use my kettle almost daily, and over the years I’ve had experience using quite a few different types and brands of kettles. This one may just be my favorite yet!

Features I was specifically looking for and this tea kettle has include:

  • brushed stainless steel finish
  • fits the size of my large electric burner
  • nice loud whistle
  • whistle does not require removing a part in order to pour the water (risking steam burns)
  • tight-fitting lid that isn’t glass (dropped and shattered my previous one; no replacement part)
  • pours well without a lot of splashing, and I don’t have to turn the kettle almost upside down to pour
  • no need to use a potholder

More about the lid: The fit is very important because I’ve used kettles that had too loose of a fit and allowed steam to escape around the edges, burning me when I went to pour it. Worse yet, some lids are so loose that they fall out altogether when pouring. On the other hand, the lid on my dad’s nice Dansk tea kettle fits so tightly that when I want to open it to put water in I have to pull on it so hard that I practically break a bone as my hand goes flying into the handle.

It’s also nice that this tea kettle has silicone rather than plastic for its non-metal parts. I’ve never had problems with plastic melting, but I’ve read many tea kettle reviews that have mentioned this. Besides, this KitchenAid kettle has a metal whistle/spout cover anyway.

This leads me to a warning, not about the kettle but about Woot’s description of it. Woot says this tea kettle has a “convenient squeeze and pour handle” and a design that “places the spout lever right in the palm of your hand”; it does NOT. You simply touch the silicone part of the spout lever to tip it back before you pour and flip it back afterwards. Simple.

Overall, I give the KitchenAid 50585 S/S 2 Qt Tea Kettle an A+ rating.

"You want a frypan? We got a frypan. You want to make sauce? We can help you make sauce. You want a stockpot? You’re figuring out the pattern now. "

The irony is that I do want a stockpot, but there is none listed.

I was just coming to ask which one of these was supposed to be the stockpot. Woot! You owe me a stockpot purchasing opportunity!

That’s OK, there’s no sauce pans either.

We want Stockpots Woot! We demand Satisfaction!

I shall take your demands to the buyers for consideration. :tongue:

Frypans, Saucepans, Stockpots, & More … minus the stockpots! False advertising!

I also came here for a stockpot. I forgot mine in my previous apartment when I moved, and now I have no way to make delicious soup. “Finally!”, I thought. “I can have delicious soup again!”

Alas, it was not to be. WHERE IS MY STOCK POT?

Think I’m going to be getting the deep saute pan, but dammit, I have been waiting forever for a Wok, and Woot fails me every time!

I just noticed this woot, and I was like, “where are the stock pots?!?!”. Guess I dont need to say anything about that, lol.