Fuego de la Muerte

I knew this would be Walmazan’s pick! The only way that would not happen would be if it were the two prior days pick. And the only question would be which wording would get the print. Both have their place.

Fire of the Dead tacos? I’d totally eat there! Taco Bell? Not so much.

Excellent pick senor Walmazan.

Yeah, this design, if it was more Walmazan’s style and all Spanish writing it would probably be a no-brainer. As it is, I will have to see a picture of the shirt to decide. Never-the-less, it is a fun and good design which caught me eye.

I like the detail. What does the sash say? Looks like “Yo …(something)… mis guitara”
any ideas on the middle word?
What is he trying to say about his guitar? I might not be able to sleep tonight…

Do we really need consecutive Mexican culture/taco shirts? That seems like serious overkill.

It says "Yo y mi guitarra, or “Me and my guitar” in English.

I know right?! I wonder if the Guest Editor knows which design the EC picked before they pick their choice? I’m guessing if they did he/she wouldn’t pick a similar design??!

I’m ashamed to admit, one of the few phrases of Spanish I still remember from my high school classes is “¿Dónde está el baño?” Although, that is a really important one.

What’s the matter with two shirts in a row from this derby reflecting Mexican food? Maybe that just means something about how good Mexican food is…or how good those designs are.

I know you can’t please all the taco lovers all the time, but Woot is sure going to try.

LMAO! Great writeup woot writers! :slight_smile:

LMAO too. That’sfunny!

++ to that.

It’s so convincing, it’s almost like they’ve been there.

And by “there,” I mean waiting on Valencia between 16th & 17th for the good places to open. Which means having struck out before dawn at 24th & Mission by not getting there by closing time. Again.

Not that it’s happened to me, of course.

There ya go. For your viewing pleasure.

Yes, it says “Yo y mi guitarra” (Me and my guitar)

Yup! Driving back home after a short vacation and got the heads up for the print! Just wanna point out that the design is a collab with my amazing friend Biticol.

Many thanks to Walmazan and everyone who voted!

Thank you for pointing that out!!! LOL you’re an amazing friend and best designer to me too, pal.
And thanks too to Walzaman for the election and the whole SW crew.

OK, so I took French (badly) in school 30+ years ago, so thank yo u Google Translate for this:

“¿Dónde está el baño? Mi culo se siente como que se tragó un puñado de dientes de tiburón.”


“Where is the bathroom? My ass feels like he swallowed a handful of shark teeth.”

almost snorted my morning coffee out my nose!!!


i wil share with you another big sentence in Spanish, of course, it starts with ¿Dónde está el baño por favor? Creo que el perro está asomando el hocico…

in English (beware!is a little bit disgusting)

Where is the Bathroom? I think the dog is taking out the muzzle.

CONGRATS to ARINESART and BITICOL!excellent work!

Another shirt I would buy if you had the option of having the artwork on the back of the shirt. Amazing details!