Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill

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Reviews are mostly positive: http://www.amazon.com/Fuego-Element-Portable-Gas-Grill/product-reviews/B004PZN2SS

grillsdirect.com has a handful of perfect reviews and lots of additional pictures

I bought this last time it was here and the following should be noted:
1 - It’s a cast iron grill that doesn’t come pre-seasoned so you’ll need to do that yourself.
2 - The rubber strap does look like it will eventually break so look out for that. I think there is a better way to keep it all together than having to stretch some bit of rubber from leg to leg.

3 - Most importantly, If there’s a way to do it, I haven’t figured it out - to fold up the leg on the valve side, you need to remove the valve. That means you’re inserting and removing the valve every time you want to use it and pack it up.

Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill - Price Comparisons

Woot! Today = $69.99 + $5 Shipping - ($74.99 Shipped)

*Woot beats next best lowest price (Amazon) by $15.61

Amazon = $90.60 + Ships Free

Walmart = $90.60 +$7.97 Shipping (free in store pickup)

Meijer = $115.19* + $10.99 shipping. *Website shows price @ $127.99 but auto-reduces price when going into check out.

Build.com = $149.99 + Ships Free

For comparison purposes all sellers and prices were found using a random Google search. Your own independent search may find other vendors with differing and/or lower prices.

I bought it the last time it was up on woot. It came with a broken part, so I contacted their customer service. Took them about a week to get me the replacement part. Grill works beautifully. I would agree that at some point the rubber strap is going to break, but you could use something else to keep it together. Satisfied.

There is a better way to do it. You can get a portable gas grill at Home Depot or similar stores for less than half the price ($30) that has a handle on the lid and the legs swing around to lock the lid in place for carrying it - no rubber strap needed, no need to remove the valve. I think Charbroil makes it.

Yes, it’s a deluxe portable propane grill at 11-12k BTU, 187 sq in. I’ve had something like this and it gave up after about 5 years, which is why I bought this. It should have been retired maybe a year or two ago as the wire grate was wearing away. My wife is surprised that I got it to last so long as some reviews for my grill said theirs lasted about 6 months.

Now that I know about having to remove the valve, I’m not sure I’d have bought it and not sure if I’d recommend anyone buying it. I knew about the rubber strap but the valve is that proverbial straw.

I’ve used a similar product and my main complaint was that the cast grate dosen’t let as much fat drip away as a standard wire grate, and the food ends up tasting more fried than grilled.

Decided to forgo the rubber strap to hold it together; I’m using a clothe strap with a D ring (canvas belt strap) to secure it in place. Works great. Bought 2 last time it was here, gave one to my son in the Army - he loves it too. fits in his truck storage area, and is always available.

Does anyone know if this can be hooked to a 20lb tank with an adapter hose like this one? http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-Buddy-Series-Assembly/dp/B001CFWF5U

We asked, and I’m afraid the vendors tell us that this is “inadvisable.” Sorry. :c

Why does this sound like an answer from their lawyers, i.e. “Yes, it will work but it’s someone else’s product and if we tell you it will work and it blows up, we’ll be sued.” :slight_smile:

As a non-lawyer who purchased this grill last time, I immediately hooked it up to a 20 lb tank with a similar adapter and have been using it without problems. As long as the hose is screwed in tight, I don’t see why there should be an issue.

Bingo! And I just don’t see how the “ring of fire” beneath the cast grate can be good for anything other than hotdogs or sausages. I think the “heat distribution plate” or “flavorizer bar” approach used for alternative “portable” gas grills produces a better result. You’d have to place items on the corners of the Fuego in order to get even direct heat.

Has anyone seen a decent stand that will work with this?

Arrived today. Used it. Drip pan broke out of the box as soon as I set it down. The post broke off of the pan at the weld. It’s gorilla glued now. We’ll see if it holds.

The grilling surface is nice and heavy. Solid. other than that the overall build quality doesn’t seem sturdy. I wouldn’t take this grill on camping trips. It seems to be for metropolitan apartment dwellers.

So far I’d say it’s worth the price for it’s size and stow-ability.

Here’s the best info I could find: http://www.thekitchn.com/the-element-portable-grill-by-147604