Fuel GoCart 2 Rider Tube

Real quick: I’m guessing same $99.99 price as last woot


I purchased this last round and it’s far too big to use in a standard bathtub.

These seriously look a lot one of the tubes we had during my summer time childhood. It’s a little different but here is a pretty good video showing what you’re getting yourself into



Yes it’s a different tube but as you can see the construction is nearly identical so the video should still be relevant. we spent plenty of hours on this tube, definitely great if you want something that will bounce you around but wont send you jumping over the wake at 30 miles an hour on a real sharp turn.

Also the sidekick is about 180 on amazon, so this is definitely looking like a great deal in my books.

I guess I’ll state the obvious first. It’s the end of the season for most of the country (except for those rooting for “Man-made Global Warming” or “Al Gore to be a genious”. The round sitting holes are not what you want in one of these either. Hit your wake and it’s a game of pickup people sticks. Look for the models that allow for your legs to be extended. Warehouse clubs sell these for about $99 all spring and summer as do a variety of other outlets (some much better quality, some the same). This is not a great deal for this style. I own 7 different styles of these for my two boats and if I didn’t have better things to do on my Sunday, I would put more effort into providing links and pics like the cowboy does. So search around first and you’ll get better use of your money for next season.

Once I used a 15 dollar tube as a snow tube- ended up being a shredded piece of plastic.

Are these any tougher since they’re made for towing and whatnot?

Yes, these have thick mounts to attach the rope with strong ties. You actually are connected to the fabric around the tube, and not the tube itself. These should last you a very long time over the choppiest waters. Have fun!

Bought one the last time they were sold. Off all the towables we have the kids like this the most. It’s very stable and handles well. Great buy for the price.

Just now getting around to checking today’s Woots and what a coincidence - My family of five just came in off the water an hour ago after using this tube that we bought last time around on Woot. We’ve been out on it twice now and it is the family favorite. This same tube was $179 at the local boat store.

Highly recommend!