FuelBelt Aero FuelBox - Hawaiian Punch

Maybe if it was all you can ship, but no more impulse with that 5 dollar add on… oh well…

I never thought I’d see a soda can pouch get so aerodynamic!

^ what he said

Wooters be aware that the $5 all you can ship is gone. You will now have to pay $5 for every order (not item, but order). There is a new cart feature which allows you to order multiple items at the same time for $5 per order. BUT just because you add an item to your cart doesn’t mean you have it reserved, so you can’t just wait until end of day to submit your order.

Link to main thread about this -> http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5411101

‘What do you think of Woot now?’ survey by ksmith8 -> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RH3ZZHN

Is there anything better than keeping your energy bars at hand’s reach? Doing it with a Hawaiian Punch colored aerodynamic fuel bag, that’s what!

I don’t know about quality but I feel bad so here is my post… It’s ok wootbot :slight_smile:

I want one of these so bad, but I’m not cool enough to pull off that color.

Before you buy, take a look at your top tube and stem to see if it’ll fit. I have purchased a few types of these pouches, but returned them all due to the odd placement of cable routing mounts on my bike.

Yet another Woot off item that I would be in for, if it was all day shipping, but I am not paying $5 shipping for a $6 item.