Fuji 16MP Digital Camera w/ 36x Opt Zoom

Fuji 16MP Digital Camera w/ 36x Opt Zoom
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Learn more about the S8600 series

BTW, does anyone have any experience with this camera? I am thinking about taking an intro photography class and was thinking this might be a good starter camera.

I would recommend this camera as a starter, however it has some issues as this YouTube review had pointed out.

I’d spent a little bit more and go with a Nikon 1 J5 (refurb) with a low shutter count.


My son is in a first year photography class in high school and they are requiring a “digital camera with manual capabilities” would this work?

Yes, it should work. Under modes it lists M. M is manual. :slight_smile:

"Alongside its P, S, and M shooting modes for full manual control… "

No. This is not a great choice for learning about photo theory.

This camera only has two or three f/stops, not a full range as most other do.

I have a similar camera, and it does the job, but I am not trying to learn all about exposure and I have other cameras that have full function manual.

There are still a lot of compact cameras floating around that have the “M” setting on the dial for “manual.” [I just found an excellent used 8 MP Sony with a Zeiss lens and full manual for $7.98.]

You do not need a DSLR or something like this to learn about exposure. But you do need to be able to change shutter speeds and f/stops.

Check the mothership and maybe the big box stores and read the features carefully. Most Canon Powershots have manual settigs.

[I am the author of the book, “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought” (2nd Ed.) which you can read about on the mothership.]

M is not the M we all once knew! Read the specs. it only offer 2 or 3 f/stop choices and even adds a ND filter in some cases to make up for it.

While this camera is probably OK, it is essentially a basic point and shoot on steroids with limited flexibility and a high reliability on automation.

It is designed to hit a low price point for people who do not want a lot a features, do not want a high price and have no interest in become photography enthusiasts. [And there is nothing wrong with that!]

First, there is no eyepiece viewfinder, so you will have the same trouble seeing the screen outside as you do with a p&s.

Second, it does not offer a full set of lens openings for manual use. It offers F2.9 / F8.4 (Wide)
F6.5 / F7.8 / F19.0 (Telephoto) with ND filter.

Third, it will be difficult to hold the camera steady when zoomed all the way out to 36X when you have to hold the camera out in front of you to compose on the screen.

This does NOT mean it is a bad camera, as it offers a lot.

But for students, you need to get the right tool for the job. You will not be able to do all the things needed in class with this camera.

Also, most examples of this type of camera will not take non-flash indoor shots and gym action shots very well.

Most of the one-star ratings of this class of camera are from people with unrealistic expectations and so-called “blurry” pictures.

Here are some specs:

Would someone comment on the video feature. My 15 year old wants something a little more than a phone for making a one or two minute vid. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks, N

I have the S9200 which is a jump up from this camera, but I also own 3 other Fujifilm cameras. As far as I am concerned they are all great. I often carry my F505EXR in my pocket when I don’t want to mess with a carry bag. I also own a couple of Panasonic Lumix cameras. Both brands are easy to learn and once you do learn you can take great pictures. This is a steal for $69.

As long as he is not planning on plugging in an external mic, it should be pretty good.

To really learn about “classic” photography, with a digital camera, consider a used digital SLR. One good source would be KEH.com.

For example, for a completely manual set-up, you can pick up a grade “Excellent +” (their grade)Nikon D70 for about $80. Add any used Nikkor AI or AIS lens (start with a 28mm f3.5 (about $90)) and you’re good to go. Upgrade the camera body and add lenses as you can or need to.

FedEx would not deliver w/o a signature.

Just got my order. The camera looks brand new. Included in the box was a neck strap, USB cable, and a CD with software and user manual. No lens cap included.


Woot says "In the Box:

Fujifilm FinePix S8630 16 Megapixel Digital Camera
Lens Cap"

No Lens Cap, even though Woot specs say:

In the Box:

Fujifilm FinePix S8630 16 Megapixel Digital Camera
Lens Cap