Fuji Enviro Max Rechargeable Batteries & Charger

Oddly enough, I can find no other source for these rechargeable batteries. I am a huge fan of the Eneloop (Panasonic) recharge, which give amazing shelf life and power. Anyone seen these Fuji’s anywhere?

Mothership has the alkaline versions of these as discontinued and not getting overly great reviews.

It is a bit troublesome that there aren’t many/any other instances of the rechargeable versions being seen by Google.

“Fuji” may be trademarked for cameras, but may just be “a name” slapped on a product from China. So there is no assurance that this brand-name means anything.

Very good point, tho it is a Japanese company, but who knows. I say, stick with the Eneloop if you want good rechargeables!