Fuji EnviroMAX AA Batteries- 48pk

**Item: **Fuji EnviroMAX AA Batteries- 48pk
Price: $9.99
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Check out these comments from when both the AA and AAA were sold in October

Let’s learn more about these batteries on the product page


Let’s see how the EnviroMAX stands up in this test fromcnet

I bought a load of Fuji batteries from woot and they are the worst batteries you could ever think of. I put the triple A batteries in my daughters remote control car and she gets about 4-6 minutes of driving before they go in the garbage.

I used to think these were great deals. Now I just buy the 8 packs of AAA and AA batteries from Dollar Tree for $1. They last and they’re cheaper.


Disposable batteries are the incandescent bulbs of 2014, I hope. Outlaw them fast and move on.

Hmmm. No. We pay less for reputable batteries from Coscto (Kirkland) and rumor has it the Costco batteries are actually made by Duracell.

These ‘experimental’ batteries need to be priced at a deeeep discount.

At least they are alkaline… I wonder how these compare to the big brands.

I entirely agree editor kid. I gave up disposable batteries a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Saving money and our waterways (heavy metal runoff from landfills). For those out there that throw your batteries and electronics in the trash… don’t do it! Just put them aside and take the to Best Buy periodically… Or you can search for an R2 certified recycler online (not sure if BB is). An R2 recycler they will handle all of your consumerist toxic waste appropriately (not sending it to india or china to be dismantled by barefoot children or dumping it in the local landfills)

Home depot also has a battery repository, but I believe it is intended for NiCD, Li, and NiMH only