Fuji EnviroMAX AA or AAA Batteries- 48pk

**Item: **Fuji EnviroMAX AA or AAA Batteries- 48pk
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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9/12/2013 - $9.99 - 32 comment(s)

See more about Fuji and Environmental protection at their Product Page
OK reviews (3.0 out of 5.0) on the AAA over at amazon
PCMag.com has some stuff to say

Let’s see how the EnviroMAX stands up in this test from cnet

These are junk…had to throw them out…garbage,

Why pay 31 cents per battery? I believe we just paid about 27 cents per AA for proven Kirkland Costco batteries and their batteries have worked very well for us for many years. Someone hinted the Kirklands were actually made by Duracell.

I guess the tree-hugger label couldn’t justify the $1 per battery list price for these Fujis.

BTW, is this the same ‘Fuji’ as ‘Fuji Heavy Industries’? If so, you Subaru driving folks could stay in the family with these batteries!

Not worth the cost of shipping much less the cost of the item. STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!

Based on what experience?

According to the Cnet article, the Fuji Battery lasted 88% of the Duracell Advanced… at this price it seems worth it for 88% of that overpriced battery?

I’d think so - especially for anyone who feels bad about tossing regular batteries (and their environmental baggage) in the trash can, and would rather “vote with your dollars” in favor of eco-sensible alternatives. If these catch on, and demand increases, the engineers will soon figure out how to offer ones with performance levels nearly indistinguishable from regular “toxic” batts.

Indeed it does. At a fraction of the cost for similar performance based on cnet’s test it’s a no brainer. I cant get over how many times these cheapy type alkaline batteries come up on woot and people call them garbage. How many times do we have to say these batteries are not for high drain devices like digital cameras? They are for low/constant drain devices like flashlights, remote controls, and xbox controllers. It’d be like buying a Kia Rio and complaining when the engine blows up after one lap in a nascar race. Duh!

Now if someone bought some and they were all totally bad I’m sure its a fluke and the great customer service at woot would replace them.

Note to the tree huggers: when there little plastic bodies rupture and ooze all inside your camera/MP3/flashlight/remote you will be wishing you had bought some batteries enclosed with recyclable steel. These are a failed marketing gimmick.

@drakar2007, too late for them to ‘catch on’ they’ve been available since at least 2009 and apparently were not valued by the market at their premium asking price (just like hybrid cars until they were subsided by our tax $) - that’s why they’re on Woot at a discount bringing them down to Kirkland Costco battery pricing.

In this case we’ll stick with the proven batteries with a lower cost - and keep a few local folks employed at our Costco at the same time.

BTW, we do separate our spent batteries from the normal trash for proper handling - even if the risk of materially negative impact from not doing so is trivial.

Well, if you got 3 of them, the cost per battery drops down to a little over 24 cents.

Of course, the problem then becomes will I use 144 batteries before they go bad? That’s a lotta Call of Duty I’d have to play!

Any evidence to back this possibility up?

How many times do you have to say these are not for high drain devices?!?

Maybe if the manufacturer didn’t list digital cameras first on its list of “ideal” use for these batteries people wouldn’t get confused! READ THE DESCRIPTION:
“Ideal for use of digital cameras, hand held games, cd players, MP3 players, PDAs, headphones, remotes, toys, calculators, radios, flashlights, pagers and more.”

The reviews at mother’s site (3 out of 5) are a joke. Not one of the 5-star ratings looks like an actual review and the only apparently legit review is a 1-star for a leaking batteries experience.


BTW, let’s try not to chuckle at Fuji battery’s contact us email address, courtesy of AOL!?! I wouldn’t dare use an AOL email address for personal purposes much less for business. Come on, you already have the fujibatteries.com domain - where are your corresponding @email addresses?


dear woot, plzzzzzz have an eneloop woot asap!!! i need some sexy rechargeable batteries that i will feel actually confident in buying. Plzzz!!! AHHH