Fuji EnviroMAX Batteries

Woot, can you confirm the expiration date on these?

I don’t want to buy 100 batteries that are all about to expire.

Also, has anyone used these (or the Digital ones) in a camera flash?

Woot, please verify these aren’t the ones that leak.
FWIW… I bought a set of these when Meh offered them about a year ago. The rep told meh that they were not part of the batches that leaked all over and turns out, the rep lied outright or was misinformed. Meh had to refund everyone who purchased these.

Best by dates are:

AA/AAA: 11/2020
C: 8/2019
D: 3/2022
9V: 8/2019

I’ve confirmed with the buyer that they did not get the same stock as what was sold to meh, so they got theirs elsewhere.

Great thanks!