Fuji Extra Long Life Heavy-Duty Batteries – 60 Pack

Whats with the guy that takes all the pics. Does he not know how to set the aperture?..or does he just think he’s being creative with a large aperture for all his shots?

I was disappointed after clicking the thumbnail to find out that these were not in fact cans of beverages.

Bought these both last time.
Good value.
Go for 2 or 3!

Got a LOT of these last time. Not bad, though I’d recommend using them in devices that pull very little power (TV remotes, maybe an alarm clock, etc). For the record, Wiimotes don’t last too long on these…

Heeeey! It’s the return of the ton of batteries for a cheap, low price that I originally thought was a great deal and was going to purchase until everyone told me these batteries suck! HOORAY!

it says 900mah, which isn’t bad for AAA. But are the AA’s also only 900mah?

Don’t buy these! I purchased them before Christmas and they all die quickly. I bought 3 packages of them, 2 AA and 1 AAA. When using my digital camera, normal batteries last at least a few months. During a recent birthday, I had to change batteries 3 times with these Fuji batteries (and we’re talking 4 at a time)!

Save your money and avoid this “deal”.

Here they are last time

I bought them last time- These batteries are really cruddy for things like cameras but for things like remote controls and low load kids toys they’re great

Now I understand why Kodak went bankrupt and Fuji flourished.

These are not as long lasting as alkaline batteries and are not good for professional flashes as they have a lower mAh.

If you want to buy any buy 3. They will be an extreme value.
12.76 cents/battery if you buy 3.

Woots last posting

These aren’t as good for high powered electronics but great for tv remotes and good to give along with battery powered gifts.

Wont lie… went to woot.com… meh meh… OMG THATS A LOT OF… is that bawls cans??? they make those… ??? wait… :frowning: sigh… only hopes.:frowning:

These batteries suck. I got them the last time they were up and some of them were dead straight out of the package.

Won’t fall for this one again. Bought them right before Christmas. Can’t run a wireless xbox controller. Wii remote eats thru them daily. Runs my wireless mouse decently.

That’s what I was thinking too… I was disappointed. Especially when I remembered how I thought it was a good deal last time and then someone explained the different types of batteries.

Are they marked with an expiration date?

Beware - Heavy Duty batteries have a fraction of the life of an Alkaline. The term “Heavy Duty” originates from the 60’s or 70’s - at one time they WERE the best batteries. But that time was decades ago.

bought these last time. Worst batteries I have bought. Literally lasted about 6 minutes in some walkie talkies. I say avoid these and get some for a bit more at your local warehouse store

Per the main page:

Expiration Date: 10/2014

Now, the sales set-up person will be in the corner in huddled weaping mass if you need her/him. :wah:

DON’T BUY THESE…they are seriously the biggest ripoff ever. They should be called “Fuji Extra Short Life Light-Duty Batteries”. Ridiculously short lifespan. And yes, the AA’s probably have the same 900 mAh rating as the AAA’s because they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I ordered the AA’s last time and when they showed up and I took them out of the package, I was struck by how light they were. They’re lightweight because they’re AAA batteries with a plastic casing around them to fit the size of a AA. These are the worst batteries ever. Go to Costco and get some real batteries.