Fuji Extra Long Life Heavy-Duty Batteries – 60 Pack

Brace yourselves, dearies, we’re in for another woot-battery-comment-a-thon!

I’ll start the betting at 548 comments…anyone else want to wager? Staff, how bout a free shipping coupon for whoever guesses the closest?

Thanks for the heads up… I was wondering if they were good enough for Xbox Controllers.

Description says these are covered by the 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

90 Day Woot Limited Warranty says it doesn’t cover batteries.

I know, right? I was like AWRIGHT! BAWLS ON WOOT!!

I think the idea is that you get soooooo many batteries they can’t all be in focus.

Shame on you Woot… you should be promoting rechargeable only. Disposable batteries are bad bad bad…

Nope - I’d pass on these. I’ve never had batteries with a shorter life span - they are dead over my son uses them in his Wii Mote in 2 hours.

C’mon w00t! Don’t offer us this crap again. I know you can find us a deal of some alkaline cells somewhere that will have an actual usable lifespan. Read the posts above. These zinc-carbon cells are worthless.

Interesting idea but too easy to rig… just keep posting until it gets close to your number. Another person starts posting so you don’t win.

These are what, zinc-chloride? (The “heavy duty” label typically means zinc-chloride, since they were more heavy duty than the zinc-carbon batteries of the time)

This type of battery is most ideal for low-load situations as some other folks are saying. For those applications these might not be a bad deal. But if you’re looking for any kind of high-drain application, these will do you wrong. The actual capacity (in mAh) of batteries is actually quite dependent on the load. In modern electronics (e.g. battery-loving cameras) that load can be quite high which drops the capacity of batteries quite a bit.

When it’s relatively poor to start as with these (at least as compared to alkaline), you’re looking at a lot of dead batteries for very few pictures.

Guys and gals…before you buy such a thing, remember that the world is scheduled to end on December 21st of this year. Do you really think you’ll use that many batteries in the next 327 DAYS, 3 HOURS, 23 MINUTES, 25 SECONDS*?

(* GMT, as of the posting of this message)

For those of you who missed out on the past bag of crap (myself included) here’s your chance to get some crap. Just without the bag.

i too was looking forward to a 60 pack of BAWLS!

I thought the exact same thing!

Bought a set of AA and AAA of these last time around. They’re kinda crap, I gotta say. Two AAAs lasted about 2 weeks in my LED flashlight. The name brand ones I had in there before lasted about 10 times as long. Not worth the hassle to return, but I don’t recommend buying these if unless you need short-lived batteries to throw at your enemies.

Oh, I was all excited by this deal, as I am a Passion Party consultant and use batteries en masse, so you can imagine my disappointment when I had more DOAs than live batteries AND shortest life span ever! Nothing says ruined demo like toys that don’t vibrate!

We use them in our baby monitor, bc that’s about how well they work. Don’t require a lot of power to listen for the bambino, and since that’s what we’re using them for, it’s not terrible to change them all the time.

Still better than dollar store batteries, but who wants cheaply made batteries? Not me. I’ll be passing this time around, waiting for a AAA rechargeable system. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you people understand what these batteries are intended for. This type of battery remains in use because it performs adequately in low-drain devices, such as clocks and remotes, yet is considerably less expensive than batteries, such as alkaline, which are used in high-drain devices.

Think of it like aluminum versus titanium. Where cost is of no concern, titanium is often preferred to aluminum; but the fact is that cost is a concern, and where aluminum meets requirements that may be exceeded by titanium, it is nevertheless used. The superiority of titanium does not make aluminum worthless. Application and cost both matter.

But perhaps a better analogy for Woot!-ers is the plastic spork (what is it with people and their fascination with the spork, anyway?). If you’re not tunneling out of prison–or dining in a prison cafeteria, for that matter–then it’s not such a bad choice over metal. And yes, they do make titanium sporks.

i thought that said something other than clocks… just saying

Let’s put it this way:
If these are crappy batteries, place them in the Xbox or Wii game controller. Your kids will play less and study more.

In for 3. I got 2 AAA, 1 AA. The AAA’s go faster usually and we run out of AAA’s faster for some reason. Probably the remote controls as the men in this home are addicted to the HD LCD-LED TV’s and FIOS remotes. I find when batteries are on sale in CVS, AAA’s run out first also. Either they don’t carry as many AAA’s or they sell out faster. So I grabbed 2 of the AAA’s.

I have tried to buy these unsuccessfully during a Woot Off and I was too late for the AAA’s when they were sold as the sole item on woot.com. I forgot to check Woot that day until later. Glad to see them on home.woot.com. :slight_smile: They’re good until later 2014. We’ll use them way before 2 3/4 years for sure, probably within 1 year.

I’m not worried about the $22.97 [shipped-no tax] I just spent for 180 batteries due to some that don’t like this type of battery. I’m trying them out and I don’t see 1 reasonable post not to purchase them. If they don’t work well for this household, I won’t buy them again. Easy peasy.