Fuji Extra Long Life Heavy-Duty Batteries – 60 Pack

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Fuji Extra Long Life Heavy-Duty Batteries - 60 Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Finally! A lifetime supply for all those remote controls!

These last ALMOST 4 hours when placed in a WiiMote…

Don’t buy these batteries, they are the absolute worst I have ever used. Die in minutes. Marginally better in really idiot devices like Clocks and tv remotes.

Got them over a week ago, they’re great. I bought 3 packs.


Are these gluten free?


Thats a lot of batteries

Your vibrator shall never go hungry again!

The AA batts are just the AAA batts inside an AA shell

Ha. These things turned most of my electronic devices into dead battery detectors.


I got 1 pack of 20 in a boc, it was a huge mess, but they worked, very happy with these

I got some of these in my stocking for Christmas and they don’t seem to last very long at all. they are pretty cheap though, so…

Sweet, just in time for fight club. Now where did I put my tube socks…

Mail alerts coming up soon. Guess that will be my cue for bed.

If i could combine the shipping with everything im going to get tonight i’d get these, otherwise I’ll just go waste the same amount of money at walmart.

Batteries of crap…,