Fuji FinePix A400 Digital Camera & Underwater Housing

With the inverter i can charge my camera while under water…


they’d better only have like 4 of these!

pretty good choice…

Just got a new camera for my Birthday dont need a new one now

how many digital cameras does woot have??? geesh

An underwater case! Buy it, take some pictures, and create the new hot internet meme, LOLfish!

going to bed on this one

ok I just got back from atlantis and I did take my canon with my underwater housing - pretty darn cool. Atlantis rocks!

Another woot killer

what? This isn’t a USB wireless adapter! But it is just as awful.

cool…but really only 100$ more for a 7+ mp camera these days

ribs. If I wanted a digital camera i would totally buy this one.

Where’s the crap?

hahahahahah only 10 ft! WTF


$85 on pricegrabber…

Good time to brush my face and wash my teeth.

To only 10 Feet?!?! Ya, undwater housing for swimming in puddles!!!

Good woot. Three should cover all your yuletide needs. Go. Now.

I’ve had this camera for two years. Used it on my honeymoon. Nice model, really.