Fujifilm 16MP Digital Camera w/ 30x Opt

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Fujifilm 16MP Digital Camera w/ 30x Opt
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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So what’s the difference between the 4830 sold here and the 4800?

love the zoom capabilities… Looks like a good buy! and it comes in red! :smiley:

I love the capabilities… but, how are the optics?

Just a reminder to those hoping to (a) get great indoor action gym sport shots amd (b) not spend a lot of money.

This camera will spend most of it’s time at f/5.1 which will NOT be a large enough aperture to permit the use of an action-stopping shutter speed. Oudoors is another story.

Get the right tool for the job.

Link to detailed specs and website that will let you easily compare camera capabilities:

Get a good look at it:

The sensor on this thing is tiny, meaning detail and low light performance will be pretty bad. It also can only take 1 pic per second which could make you miss shots. It is essentially a cheap point and shoot with a zoom lens on it to make it so big you will never take it anywhere.

I own two versions of this camera and love both of them. The first was an early version with 4 MP and 10X optical zoom, the other 14 MP with 30X optical zoom. I also have a Canon DSLR for low light and special situations. The Fuji Finepix is the best value for the dollar of any cameras that I have seen. I recommend them to my friends.

I bought this camera last Christmas and took it with me to Las Vegas 3 weeks ago. Loved it! Clear, crisp pictures of friends, even in low lighting situations. The 30X optic zoom took some amazing pictures, easy to use, not too heavy and I didn’t spend my time worried about bumping it or someone following me around to steal it. I’m not a serious photographer and this “cheapie” fit the bill for me.
Tip: buy a heavier, wider neck strap then what comes with this camera. I’m glad I did.

I loved my old S5700… the macro mode was fantastic.

Sadly, this model doesn’t look like it has a threaded lens to allow the use of external filters like my S5700 did.

These Fuji’s have enough manual modes to use as a learning-camera before you invest in a full blown DSLR. As stated, they don’t operate well in low light… but the macro mode makes up for that shortfall in my opinion.

Oddly, the Fujifilm website doesn’t list an “S4830” model, just an S4800. Searching their site also turned up zero results for “S4830”… typo Woot?

Found the S4830 listed on the BestBuy site… here is a comparison to the S4800… possibly the “30” designation is for specific retailer branding?

Looks like this camera usually ships with a 8GB card (~$10), a carrying bag (~$10), and an included 1 year warranty (~$20). After that and the $5 shipping (instead of prime free or in-store pickup) and you’re at $165 compared to the retail “sale” price of $230 at BestBuy (“normally” $330). Still a good deal. Can’t find another camera with this Optical Zoom CCD size, quality, MP size, etc… in this price range.

I have owned many Fuji cameras, and I have the S3300 currently. They make a great camera for the money. For the features and price, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for the review. I’m looking for a camera for action shots and keep wasting my money on cameras that aren’t designed to work for that.

Another note: IF Fuji is still making these cameras like they did in 2003, then its a good buy. I got a S5000 in 2003 and just stopped using it last year when the USB connector wore out. I Could still use it with a card reader, and have, but I figured it was a good time… over 10 years later, to get a newer one. I have been COMPLETELY satisfied with the S5000 that I got in 2003, especially since it lasted 10 years!! I will be keeping my S5000 as a backup.

A huge bonus is that you can use AA NiCads, AA Lithiums, or standard AA batteries. No matter where you are, or how recently you charged up, you will always be in reach of a fresh set of AA batteries. :slight_smile:

Does this camera have a “night time” scene mode where it will hold the shutter open for “x” number of seconds?

EDIT: Found the specs and it’s got an 8 second shutter open max. Thanks @themcnasty for the link.


If i understand correctly, this is basically the same as the S4800. The S4800 is available shipped with amazon prime for $131.20 (http://www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-FinePix-S4800-Digital-Camera/dp/B00B5MUJTO/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t). With shipping and tax, it’s north of $135 here on woot (and also refurbished). Not much of a deal I’m afraid.