Fujifilm 16MP Digital Camera w/ 30x Opt

The good news is that the ISO (sensitivity) of cameras is increasing almost exponentially, so soon you WILL be able to get action shots with a similar camera.

Or spend $6,000 right now for a top of the line Nikon DSLR body with an ISO of over 400,00 (four hundred thousand!) and take photos by starlight!

Actually, if you consider that unlike cameras just coming off the line, being boxed and shipped, this camera has been personally gone over 100% by a FujiFilm certified tech, due to some reported flaw, and then fixed and tested for full functionality - there is a less chance of problems for the user of a refurb unit. In my history of buying electronic products, I have yet to have a refurb fail me, while I have had probably 20% of “new” electronics purchases require some level of customer service attention due to initial manufacturing issues.

Having spent some time looking at similarly priced cameras, and similarly outfitted cameras from Nikon, Olympus, and Canon, the sensor on this camera is at least equal if not larger than most (1/2.3-inch CCD sensor). Can’t try comparing this level of camera to a one priced hundreds more… apples to apples.

Question: the camera comes with the lens cap, right? It’s not listed as “in the box” or shown in any of the photos.