FujiFIlm Instax Mini 70 (Your Choice)

So this is just a film camera, there is no photo storage capacity plus the polaroid-style photo. How much are the 10 round cartridges?

Correct - no storage. You can get 10 packs of film for about $8/ea. if you look for a good deal on Amazon.

When you buy on Amazon watch the pricing, sometimes it is a better deal to get 2 packs of 10, sometimes it is a better deal to get 5 packs of 10.

These cameras are a lot of fun, there is absolutely no substitute for being able to hand someone a photo of themselves that you just took.

RIP - This is the NEW sale price everywhere. NO BARGIN HERE. Woot needs to go back to being Crashed


What does it come with?

  • Power supply?
  • Batteries?
  • 1 cartridge of film?

How many polaroid (or instant) photos can you do with one cartridge?


Buy a new one on amazon for the same price. Get with it, Woot.


[MOD: Not the same item. Don’t you hate when a diss fails?]

That appears to be for the Mini 9, not the Mini 70. I’m not sure the differences, but the Mini 70 is priced at $95 on Amazon.

According to one reviewer on Amazon:
The Mini 70 is an upgrade over the Mini 9. The Mini 9 has no timer, LCD readout or tripod mount. The Mini 70 also uses 2 CR2 batteries which last about 300 photos vs. the Mini 9 which lasts about 100 photos on two (2) AA. Downside is CR2 batteries are expensive to buy in the store, where the AA you can find anywhere. Online CR2 is about $2.25 a piece. Also I would say the Mini 70 has a slightly better build quality then Mini 9. Hope this helps. Please click the Yes this is helpful button if it does! --EverythingInstaxDotCom + InstantCameraRentalDotCom

Costco has the film 8 packs reg price for $45.
This is the model they sell with one film cart, on sale $90 https://www.costco.com/FUJIFILM-instax-Mini-70-Camera-Bundle.product.100378895.html

holiday snaps, know-what-i-mean, nudge-nudge wink-wink.


GONG! WAH, WAh Wah, wah {sad trombone}

Amazon had a brand new white camera for about $75 with a 15% off coupon when I bought mine a few days ago. Now it’s $88.78 (https://www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-Instax-Mini-70-Instant/dp/B015R3WUH0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1512662468&sr=8-2&keywords=Fujifilm+Instax+Mini+70). Plus, I have Prime, so 2-day free shipping. With all the purchases I’ve made throughout the year, Prime has paid for itself. This is refurbished. Perhaps the brand new one would have been a better deal. I hope I don’t get the dreaded E after a few uses. But ultimately I purchased this one because the difference was about a pack of film.

Specs do not say “not included” thanks woot. Got to make on more purchase. Daughter really thought it was a dud since she couldn’t use when opened-really woot!