Fujifilm X-T1 16 MP 3.0 LCD Camera w/18-55 Lens

I can’t speak for the other Fuji on Woot today, but this price for the XT-1 is a hell of a deal. Admittedly, it’s because the XT-2 is right around the corner. Still a good camera with a great lens lineup.

is there a manufacture warranty on this camera? thanks!

nope. 90 days woot limited warranty.

Do we know who “refurbished” these? If Fuji then cool, if not then perhaps not so cool.

FYI, the lens sales at B&H for $699, so if the lens is new (not refurb) then it’s like getting a $100 body. You can upgrade to the new X-T2 later in the year.

Seems like a great deal to me.

Our definition of Factory Reconditioned is as follows: A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner.

True, but you can buy the lens new on eBay for $415, meaning that you’re really paying close to $400 for the body. Granted that’s eBay, but I’m assuming the 90-day warranty here applies to the lens as well, even if it is new (which we don’t know) so it’s not a horrible comparison.

I apologize if this is an inappropriate question, but I am a beginner photographer studying graphic design (Photoshop) and need a camera better than my iPhone. This seems good, but I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!

My advice, which isn’t what you were looking for, is to study photography, practice with your iPhone, and then shop for a camera once you know, specifically, what you want to do that the iPhone won’t.

To twist the analogy I use when someone says, “you must have a nice camera”, someone who can bowl consistently in the high two-hundreds likely has a nice, expensive ball, but he didn’t buy that ball until he was already a great bowler and knew what characteristics the ball should have.

Get it. It’s great. I paid $1400 for mine 2 months ago and it’s all but replaced my Nikon D7100. I ordered this today for my wife and she couldn’t me more excited.

I missed on this deal. HOw much was it selling for??


Mine just arrived missing 2 items.

There is no Ef-X8 Shoe-Mount Flash Unit, and no Hot Shoe Cover.

I will contact Woot Support but am concerned they all may be missing items. If you received yours, is it complete? There is also no lens hood, but I think that is normal and not promised.

On the upside, seems to be genuine Fujitsu refurbished and is in wonderful like new shape.

Same here, though I already have an EF-20 and am not too sad at missing the flash. Let us know what they say.

Its not a very good flash, but it is small.

I suggest you let Woot know directly. They told me they could not get the part and gave me alternatives. But now I see the T-1 is being offered again so that may have changed. If none of them are coming with the flash they should change their listing.

Firmware update to 3.41 came out for this camera last month:


Comments indicate it primarily improves the automatic focusing.