Fujifilm X-T1 16 MP 3.0 LCD Camera w/18-55 Lens

anybody grab one of these last time around? Price seems great, did they look new and direct from Fuji? any Warranty outside of woot?

Looks like we only offer the Woot warranty for this camera.

Its mirrorless and Fuji, you can’t go wrong. My Bro got one for FREE yep at the big Adobe convention last year they handed them out to everyone and they take stunning pictures.

Once you go mirrorless you won’t go back. A compact extremely high quality camera and lens, plus flash. As a help to making a decision, consider that the newer version came out recently, the X-T2, and the body sells for over 1500 most places. No lens and no flash. This is a great buy.

Nice deal on a great camera. I’m a DSLR guy but I could be convinced.

I got one from the last time it was up and it is legit. I love it. I decided to sell my 5DMKIII after testing out the quality of photos of the XT1. I’ve done about two weeks of reading reviews and watching videos/comparisons and MANY photographers switched from full frame pro bodies to this camera simply for it’s weight and quality. Many say that the JPEGs straight out of the camera are incredible and I must agree. Color reproduction is superb, bokeh is smooth and creamy, and lenses are tack sharp (some say sharper than canon’s 24-70 or 135 f/2). I own canon’s 135 f/2, which is supposedly their sharpest lens, and the kit lens comes surprisingly close in sharpness. I wish I could share test shots.

HOWEVER, I only bought the XT1 because I knew I wasn’t going to need all the features of the XT2 that is already on pre-order on Amazon. If you have $1800 to expend, I would opt for the XT2 as it has upgrades that make it worth waiting for, but at this price the XT1 just cannot be beat.

I HIGHLY recommend this camera. At this price, it’s a steal for the quality you get, even with this “kit lens” that shoots pro quality photos. not to mention, IT’S WEATHER SEALED as long as you have a “WR” lens attached as well.

DISCLAIMER: Mine did not come with a hot shoe cover, nor a flash. hmm…not sure if that’s Fuji’s fault or Woot’s.

It’s actually Fuji’s 90 day refurbished warranty. It comes with a card you fill out provided by Fuji, and you need to register your camera.

see my post below? above? not sure how this replying works.

It was obviously repackaged, but mine looks in new condition. Hot shoe cover was missing, though.

Funny, but “mirrorless” cameras have been around since digital cameras hit the shelves. All compact cameras have no mirrors, same with the $149 other camera here. They just didn’t have lenses that come off.

Report it to woot. Mine was missing the hotshoe cover AND the flash unit. They are giving me an $80 refund. If you are missing anything else they may give you a refund as well.

Mine arrived today. Looks brand new. But, missing the flash and the hotshoe cover…:frowning:

Also missing the hotshoe cover and flash.

Please report all missing items to Customer Service.

You can do so: on the Support Form linked at the top of the page.

Mine also arrived without a flash, hot-shoe cover, and no lens hood.

Do anyone receive a lens hood?

Anyone know the part number for a lens hood for this 18-55mm lens?

I guess they’re inconsistent with refunds as well. I was only offered a $50 refund for the same missing items.

I guess it’s about time to pull the plug on my woot acoount. Way too many “mistakes” lately, and since the amazon takeover in general.

I wish more people would chime in on these discussions.

I purchased a JJC LH-XF1855 hood from Amzn for $8.50 that works great. I think the Fuji brand ones run a lot higher with little benefit.

You should also consider the Fujifilm Long Eyecup EC-XT L (a replacement hood over the eyecup). The Fuji hot shoe cover (and 2 other parts) is called a Fujifilm X-T1-CVR Terminal Cover Kit.

Woot should have known about the flash problem after the 1st listing. It seems they have not settled on the correct compensation. On the other hand, its a fantastic camera.

The missing flash is called an EF-X8 and there are rumors (How to Get a Fuji EF-X8 Hot Shoe Flash Replacement for the X-T1) you can get it for $58 from Fuji. Perhaps confirming this would help negotiations with Woot on the correct compensation.