Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera

Take a peek at the “Digital Photography” in-depth review for this Fujifilm X10 12MP EXR camera.

For those who miss optical viewfinders, this one has one plus a much larger sensor than a lot of compact cameras.

Optical finders are getting scarce, replaced by EVFs. This is not a bad thing, but finding a new “boutique” retro camera can cost over $1,000.

If you don’t need to change lenses, this may be what you want.

I rate this offering as one of Woot’s better deals… and clicked the “buy” button on it.

In addition to that optical viewfinder mentioned above, this camera offers a “fast” lens, a manual zoom ring and is made in Japan!

Here’s comprehensive product information directly from Fujifilm regarding this camera.

More… Here’s Fujifilm’s “press release” dated September 01, 2011, that accompanied the X10’s introduction.

I’ve had one of these since they first came out. I have other cameras that can produce better pictures, but the X10 always seems to get a good one, even in conditions I have no right to expect it to. It is bulkier and heavier than a pocketable camera, but it’s solid and feels good in the hand.

What are they hiding? Why didn’t they show us the back of the camera?

Looks like this in the back: http://www.kenrockwell.com/fuji/images/x10/D3S_7584-rear-1200.jpg

Agreed. For those looking for viewfinder cameras on the cheap, check out 6-10 MP Canon Powershots. I find them for $7.98 at SA stores.

Keep in mind that IF you never buy or need a second lens for your camera, an interchangeable lens camera may be a waste of money.

Think hard about what you plan to shoot.

Hmm ? Bought one based on prior satisfactory experience with a Fuji P&S. After doing research (which I should’ve done first) seems this model was plagued with a “white orb” problem that required a new sensor to fix the problem. That happened in 2011/2012. I hope these refurb’s from Fuji have the improved sensor. At least there’s a 90 day Fuji warranty if not. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sounds like simply blown-out highlights, which also happens with film when you are outside the dynamic range of the film or sensor.


Sounds like it wasn’t as big a concern as it could have been.


I’m very confident that any early “issues” with this camera have been resolved since its initial introduction circa 2011… and also knowing these have been back to the factory, so to speak, for an additional “going over”.

thanks for the links! is a “fast” lens just like a good auto mode?

No… two different animals there.

A “fast” lens offers a wider aperture and “gathers” more light… which is to your advantage in low or dim lighting situations.

Hence, you’re able to use normal shutter speeds when shooting in dim light without using the camera’s flash… or being able to even take the photo.

A “faster” lens (i.e. - wider aperture) can also make the difference between getting a photo and not being able to do so when shooting action… again, enabling the use of higher shutter speeds.

I’m going to plug myself for a second.

If you buy a camera such as is shown here (mine should arrive tomorrow!), you will be able to use it to it’s full potential when you have a good understanding of exposure: the relationship of light, lens openings, shutter speeds and ISO.

There are many ways to learn this.

After teaching basics and beyond for about 8 years, I distilled the information down into a decent book (not my first, BTW) called “How To Use The Digital Camera You Just Bought.” It’s at the mothership.

If learning via books is your style, you might look at the preview there.

Dear Woot:

My Fujifilm X10 camera arrived today.

I’ve opened the box and am fiddling with the new camera now.

The manual says to charge the battery first (before use)… so I have placed the battery in the charger (oriented correctly) and plugged it in.

The small LED on the charger is blinking… and the manual says it ought to glow continuously.

Blinking means the battery is defective… indicating a “Battery Fault”… and the manual states to “Unplug the charger and remove the battery”.

Okay… this battery is obviously “DOA”. Please send me another one!!!


Jeez, sorry! If you haven’t please email your order info and issue to support@woot.com; CS can check into your options.

I’ve done as you have requested and will wait to hear back from Woot’s CS representative.

Mind did too, then I used it for a few shots and put it back in the charger and it worked.

Are you in a cold climate like me? The battery may have been too cold. Try it again.

Hah! I THOUGHT I had the “orb” problem and it was a circular cutout in the lamp shade!!! My bad!

Ken Rockwell is an idiot and barely knows what he is talking about. Ive never seen anyone that has access to so much equipment know so little about how to use, rate or talk about photography.

These have been factory reconditioned which means they have been rebuilt with the new sensors. No white orbs.