Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera

Really? Then I may be wrong. Fuji may rebuild it for you though. It’s under warranty, send it in and get the sensor replaced.

Thanks, radi0j0hn… but so far, the battery refuses to power the camera up. I’ve plugged the charger back into a power outlet to see what happens… and the LED light is blinking again. The battery isn’t cold… and my climate is near “semi-tropical” here. Regarding the sensor, I was hoping for better. But until I can get my paws on a functional battery, my “new” camera is a paperweight!!!

Hah! I THOUGHT I had the “orb” problem and it was a circular cutout in the lamp shade!!! My bad!

Hah! I THOUGHT I had the “orb” problem and it was a circular cutout in the lamp shade!!! My bad!

Do you have any of those “universal” chargers…the kind that having movable pins and auto adjust voltage and polarity? It could be a bad charger.

Just in case: That charger holds different batteries…got it in the right direction?

Nope… no “universal charger” here. The battery is inserted into the charger correctly and the charging pins align with the contact points on the battery.

Thanks again, Manhandsha… Woot Customer Service has responded and they are taking care of this battery issue.

Just received my camera today, charged the battery and everything seemed great until I tried to use the optical viewfinder. It would not track in focus while I zoomed in or out it was only focused at a certain zoom level. Waiting to hear from Woot customer service to hopefully send another one.

Have you adjusted the diopter for your eyesight?

Yes I have tried that and that only helped at the end of the zoom lens travel. It was still blurry at all other zoom settings

I recall reading that this has been an issue. It’s under warranty, so I’d send it in. The optical finder beats my Powershot hands down.

When you say send it in do you mean exchange it with woot.com or send it to Fujifilm?

They are sold out, so back it goes for repair. Then you know it is fixed, not just another one.

Considering how expensive this style of camera has become, I’d get it fixed, not a refund from Woot.

Thanks for the information, I will certainly give that a try.

Fuji X10 arrived via FedEx. Camera came in a Fuji box clearly marked as “Refurbished” and different than a new one. No problem since I knew what I was getting. What disturbed me was the camera and all accessories had no protective packaging - just dumped in. I can only imagine the pounding it took during shipment. That’s just poor ! I charged the battery and for the past two days have been giving the X10 a workout. Only problem I can detect is poor battery longevity. I’m only getting 60-90 exposures on a full batt using no flash, AF-S, etc. I suspect a bad battery is in question. No “orb” problem from the sensor. The firmware is up to date, V2.0, and the early X10’s with bad sensors had a serial # beginning with 14XXXX… Info found from an online X10 user group. Still don’t feel comfortable though as if something else is about to go wrong. How is it for you other purchasers ?

I’m still exploring mine, but it seems fine. Where is the user group? I bought a screen protector and cheap no-name case off 'bay.

Thanks to those who bought the book!

Been reading online a lot, but I believe this site offers good user commentary - http://www.fujixseries.com/forums/

I ordered a Wasabi replacement battery from Amazon yesterday. It has good reviews from another DSLR website I frequent. Seems you better have more than one battery when you use this camera - it’s a common complaint. We’ll see if I can get more exposures with a fresh battery.

I’ve had pretty good luck with non-OEM batteries and LOVE the universal chargers that can accomodate 99% of batteries with NO adapters.