Fujita HD2 Xtreme Sports Camera

Why is this “new today”?

I bought the same camera - right here on Woot - on May 16th, at the same price.

It’s just a different event is all that means.

is it a good camera

Can this be mounted on a rail on a rifle?

What you are saying is that “new today” is BS.

I’ve bought nine items from Woot and have been satisfied.

I check them out daily., but they shouldn’t waste our time by roping us in with BS like that.

They could send me away permanently.

I enjoyed the site better when it was one item per day.

On the action cam - I bought that for a family member and he hasn’t tried it yet.


Camera is far from HD quality it claims.
I bought this here a few weeks ago. The image quality is pretty poor. Even for the price, the image is pretty grainy when compared to other entry level cams.

Tried in well let indoor settings, and sunny outdoor settings.

Audio… not sure how i feel, sometimes the audio seems great, other times it seems tinny and thin.

Pro: feels durable, solid metal housing, vibrate function is good for knowing if its working without having to look at it, great entry level price

Cons: image is grainy in any setting, mounts are not good, cheaply made and not versatile

Buyer beware. Don’t expect greatpicture. If you need actual HD, spend more money and get a GoPro. This is not a substitute for high end cameras. This is cheap and for fun.