Fujitsu Lifebook 13.3" HD Touchscreen Laptop

Fujitsu Lifebook 13.3" HD Touchscreen Laptop

Horrible screen, 13.3-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution? No wonder it’s so cheap.

Or I can go to the mothership and get Renewed and 5% off of the grade B price?

Funny, I find no references to 1366 x 768 on the specs. Perhaps some kind of refurbished frankentraption?

Fujitsu says

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How can they renew an item and sell so cheaply? Maybe all they did was clean the display with Windex.

Yeah, really, what is up with those screen specs not matching the manufacturer’s screen specs on their own PDF??? I hope someone can explain?
I guess I’ll now need to compare both specs to see if there are more differences than just this one. :man_facepalming: